Author : Christopher Tompkins

5 Copywriting Books You Should Read

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In the realm of marketing and communication, the art of persuasive writing holds unparalleled importance. Copywriting, the craft of creating compelling and impactful content, is at the heart of successful marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter or a beginner looking to enhance your skills, these five remarkable books are your gateway to mastering the […]

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How To Start Your Own Podcast

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So you want to start a podcast, I see. Here’s the good news: starting a podcast has never been easier or more accessible than it is today, and thanks to the internet, it’s also easier than ever to connect with an audience that’s interested in your niche. The bad news? It may be easy for […]

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Craft the Perfect Social Media Bio

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If you had to sum up what your brand represents in a brief statement, would you be able to do it? You would think that it’s a simple task, but many business owners and marketers alike find themselves fumbling in an attempt to narrow down their mission into just a brief paragraph. When it comes […]

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Make Your Instagram Grid Pop!

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When you think of McDonald’s, what comes to mind? Probably burgers, fries, shakes, and a couple of colors: red and yellow. Head over to their Instagram and you’ll see exactly that, along with a number of memes, mascots, and other images that are uniquely McDonald’s. Now think about your clients’ Instagram grids. If you took […]

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