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The Social Marketing Academy

Hosted by : Christopher Tompkins

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Presented by : The Go! Agency

Latest Episodes

The Social Marketing Academy

Legal Marketing with Elizabeth Ortega

How do you make yourself more visible to attract clients and grow your book of business? How open should you...
The Social Marketing Academy

The Importance of Web Design with Natalie Sharma

Aesthetics! In demand but not often understood, having a good designer work on your website or assets is essential for...
The Social Marketing Academy

Leads, Traffic, and Building a Stellar Website with Judy Lin

When you put a lot of effort into your SEO strategy, you expect to see results. How soon can you...
The Social Marketing Academy

What Can PR Do For You? With Brenda Christensen

How can you ensure that you stand out from the crowd and promote yourself as a thought leader in your...
The Social Marketing Academy

Yes, You Need PR (featuring Jeff Bell)

Unsure of the difference between public relations and marketing? Is PR just a matter of putting out a press release,...
The Social Marketing Academy

All Things SEO with Michael Fleischner

SEO got you stumped? Well, the good news is, you and everybody else...except for this episode’s guest Michael Fleischner! How...
The Social Marketing Academy

Social Marketing From the Ground Up with Martin McDonald

How do you start marketing your brand new business? What are the appropriate channels for your business, and how can...
The Social Marketing Academy

Affiliate Marketing with Lee-Ann Johnstone

Thinking about starting an affiliate program, either for your business or your clients? In our first episode of our relaunch,...