Author : Christopher Tompkins

Content Marketing Trends in 2024

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Content plays a key role in all aspects of digital marketing, so here are the top trends that are here to stay or becoming more relevant in 2024: AI Will Become a Focus Artificial intelligence has been the topic of discussion in the marketing world for some time now, but in 2024, its influence is […]

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Personalizing Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Personalization will only get more and more critical in marketing, and when it comes to email marketing, this is the place to get extra personal. Your subscribers have actively either purchased from you before or shown interest in your brand in some way. Compared to your audience on social media, your email subscribers are more […]

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The Importance of Micro-Moments in Marketing

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With smartphones never more than an arm’s length away, our society is constantly looking for quick and easy answers. This new behavior is the reason why marketers have begun giving attention to what are called “micro-moments.” Micro-moments are the brief, intent-driven interactions that your consumers take in their journey to either purchase your products/services or […]

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From Twitter to X In a Single Year

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When Twitter was founded in 2006, no one would have guessed that Twitter would become a main hub for creators, entrepreneurs, politicians, and celebrities to connect, debate, and grow businesses. We would all come to love that little blue bird because that little icon gave so many voiceless people voices. Throughout its lifespan, Twitter gained […]

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