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Author : Christopher Tompkins

The Power of Integrated Marketing: Using Social Media, Email and Online Ads to End the Year Strong

The Power of Integrated Marketing_ Using Social Media, Email and Online Ads to End the Year Strong

2020 has been quite the year for most small and large businesses. In many ways, the pandemic has affected both e-commerce and brick and mortar businesses. Ecommerce stores may have found it difficult to stay on top of their supply chain and receive inventory in a timely manner. Brick and mortar businesses have had to […]

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9 Ways to Refresh Your Website

9 Ways to Refresh Your Website

It’s not a shocker that the world of marketing and sales is shifting quickly to going completely digital. Many of us have embraced going digital for years and do constant audits of our online presence. But for those companies who are deciding to begin to invest more time and money into their online presence – […]

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Why You Need to Care About SEO…Now!

Why You Need to Care About SEO...Now!

Not getting enough website traffic?  If this sounds like you, you need to consider adding a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) component to your marketing and sales strategy.  It’s all about earning the highest ranking on Google as possible, which is a goal for most businesses. Who doesn’t want to the #1 result on Google for […]

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It’s Time to (Re)Define Your Target Audience

0513 Time to Re Define Your Target Audience

Something that has come up again and again over the 11 years we have been executing campaigns for our clients at The Go! Agency, is a fairly obvious topic: clients and their target audiences. This extremely crucial element, while seemingly simple, is often a missing piece of the puzzle, that many business owners struggle to […]

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