Google PPC

Connect With Customers Right Now

  • Connect directly to customers wanting to buy your product or service right now.
  • You only pay for people interested in you and what you're selling.
  • Results are immediate people will be looking at and buying your product as soon as your campaign starts.

Why Pay Per Click?

If somebody is looking for a service to use or a product to buy, they research. It used to involve visiting multiple businesses to find the best deal. Thumbing through magazines, catalogs, and the Yellow Pages.

Now, the Yellow Pages is only good for helping you light your barbecue. Catalogs have been replaced by websites.  If you want to find something, you’ll go to a search engine and type in what you want.

That search is specific. If you want to buy a new mattress, you type “best mattress”. Pay Per Clicks lets you send advertisements to people based on what they type in.

That allows you to connect to customers that want your product right now which is why PPC is so effective.

What The Team Will Do For You

  • Research the keywords that your customers are searching for.
  • Develop your campaigns and resources to prepare for the launch of your ads.
  • Track performance and customer behavior to optimize your campaigns.
  • Remarket advertisements to your customers on websites they visit every day. Reminding them of your company and why they should buy from you.

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