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It’s our goal to make each client feel like we’re their office’s marketing department down the hall. So we love it when our clients get to enjoy the benefits of our unbeatable service. Here’s a sample of what our clients have to say about the team at The Go! Agency!

The Go! Agency has been invaluable. They understand our brand and have given my ideas new life in a social media obsessed world.

– Al Ries, International Best-Selling Author and World-Renowned Speaker

Our company has used The Go! Agency for almost a year now to manage the social media accounts for many of our communities.  Thanks to their expertise and social media marketing savvy, we have seen dramatic increases in viewer interaction for our communities pages. The Go! Agency really understands the world of social media and how to best use it to get interaction and responses from our target audience. We would highly recommend them to other companies who need to establish or increase their social media presence.

– Clint Dockery, Senior Management Advisors

We wanted to enhance our online presence so we turned to The Go! Agency.  They did that and so much more.  We started out with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.  When we were looking for growth and SEO enhancement, they suggested a blog.  They make it easy to grow your online presence, and since they are experts in the industry, they keep up on trends and technological advances, so you can concentrate on running your business.

– Tony Mira, President and CEO, Anesthesia Business Consultants

The Go! Agency has done a wonderful job of bringing our non-profit agency into the 21st century!  We had no experience with social media prior to their involvement with us and had little time to learn  the ‘tricks of the trade.’  We loved the convenience and timeliness of their social media content which was specially designed for us on a weekly basis.  Although we don’t ‘sell’ any product or service, we were delighted by the increased awareness and exposure of our agency to a wider audience than we ever had before. This company is extremely easy to work with and so very responsive our agency’s needs. It was money well spent.

– Helen King, Area Agency on Aging

I am thrilled with the final product and your team was easy and friendly to work with.  Our company has struggled with automating our referral and forms process for years, and your agency was able to automate this process with ease! I am excited about the prospect of driving additional business to our site and I am positive that the professional image you have helped us create will lead to new opportunities.  I highly recommend your agency for website development, logo creation, and marketing campaigns.

– Keira Thomas, HEADS

We tried multiple marketing companies prior to hiring The Go! Agency. After we hired them, they have skyrocketed our social media presence and are a joy to work with! We have never had a company take the time to sit down and get to know us and our goals like they have. Thank you The Go! Agency,  Mountain West IRA appreciates you and everything you have done!

– Megan Galane, Mountain West IRA

The Go! Agency took our social media involvement from infancy to deeply engaged in just a few short months.  They deliver what they promise and more.  We are excited with the social media growth we experienced and the results demonstrate that the effort was well worth it.

– Rick Stern, CEO, Xenegrade

The Go! Agency got our elder law firm marketing in entirely new ways. Their social media marketing savvy produced thousands of followers and friends across several platforms.  This was accomplished in just a couple of months! They were patient and worked with me and my staff to get relevant information about our firm out to our followers. I recommend The Go! Agency!

– Walt Shurden, Board Certified Elder Law Attorney

As a small business, we knew that we needed to get into the social media “game,” but frankly just didn’t have the time or the know-how. We contacted the Go! Agency and it’s been smooth sailing since. They’ve helped us increase our online presence, and we’re getting more leads and business through social media. The Go! Agency does what they say they’re going to do and delivers an on-time, quality product.

– Pam Hurley, PhD, President, Hurley Write, Inc.

Although an established company, MiraMed Global Services was lacking an online presence.  The Go! Agency set up social media accounts for us.  They utilize information we provide, promote our upcoming events and news items and find related information of value to our clients as well.  They represent MiraMed in the industry and make our presence even larger than we could have envisioned.  Everything is coordinated with our existing corporate style and integrated within our website; it looks like we do it internally.  When we wanted to run a fast-track micro-targeted Facebook campaign, they knew how; they’d done it before.  They save us time, they save us money, and they enhance our professionalism.

– Tony Mira, President and CEO, MiraMed Global Services

I have used the services of The Go! Agency for the past two years.  During this time, they have gone above and beyond my expectations.  They have developed and serviced my website; addressed security issues for the website and social media sites; generated leads to grow my business; and created a strong, respectable, and professional presence for my business in the social media market.  The staff at The Go! Agency have served as excellent consultants on marketing and growing my business.  I can directly trace the addition of new accounts to the efforts of The Go! Agency.

– Sara Graff, CEO, Access Community Services

Christopher Tompkins and The Go! Agency have taken our digital branding strategy to next level. Having The Go! Agency team has given me back time and given our brand the best results on and offline.

– Laura Ries, Best-Selling Author and President, Ries & Ries

The Go! Agency is the perfect balance of professionalism and personality. Their team is fun and easy to work with and the service they deliver is top-notch. As a company with a “pay it forward” mentality as well, Bayshore appreciates all that The Go! Agency does to support our community of seniors and caregivers in Tampa Bay with great information and easy-to-follow links to valuable resources. They take the time necessary to really dig in and figure out what a company needs to expand their audience and reach out to the people they can help the most. It’s been a pleasure to work with them through the Better Living for Seniors organization in Pinellas and the Area Agency on Aging website.

– Christine Hamacher and Breque Bonner, Bayshore Home Care

I am so glad I became involved with the The Go! Agency.  I knew very little about Social Media, and I needed a crash course so I could be more visible and get my company’s name out there.  The classes were very easy to follow and the team were completely professional and patient while teaching me all about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Thanks to The Go! Agency, I can post on LinkedIn and Facebook everyday with knowledgeable information. Thank you so much for your time and commitment to teach me the ropes!

– Gayle LaBonte, Consumer Title & Escrow Services

The Go! Agency has an incredible level of expertise in so many ways. They possess a true grasp of all of the latest in the social media cutting edge technology. What makes The Go! Agency stand out WAY ABOVE the rest is their willingness to share the information and teach it to those of us who need a little more savvy with tweeting, Facebook and LinkedIn for our caregiving professions and non-profit organizations. The Go! Agency is the place to “GO! TO” for the best customer service and positive online results. They GO! the extra mile.

– Karen Truman, PhD, President, Dementia Caregiver Resources, Inc.

The Go! Agency is a phenomenal resource for all things online marketing and promotion. They are friendly, professional and achievement driven. I would have no hesitation recommending them for anyone struggling to shine a spotlight on their business.

– Meg Marin, Director, Griswold Home Care Pinellas

The Go! Agency has done a great job assisting our firm with getting our brand out there and getting traffic in.    What an amazing group of professionals.  I would recommend them to any group wanting to grow their organization.

– Scott Elsass, MedBest

I would like to say that The Go! Agency staff are highly professional people who really want the best for their clients.  They have taught me how to be savvy about social media and the benefits it has when utilized properly.  A big thanks to The Go! Agency for your integrity and for treating your customers like one of your own, and not just another customer.

– Bernadette Homan, Arden Courts Memory Care Communities

The Go! Agency upgraded our website and we continue to get compliments from our clients that visit our site.  Their team were great to work with – very knowledgeable and their work was professional and done on time.  They’ll be our “go to” agency in the future for further upgrades and updates!

– Denise Seaman, CareMinders Home Care

The Go! Agency has been remarkable in creating our presence on the web. Everything from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn and many more. Christopher and his team really put us on the map!  They listened to our needs and really performed for us! They surpassed our expectations…now how many times has that happened to you in business?  I LOVE these guys!!!

– Pamela Nebeker, CEO, TalkAbout Productions and Nebtek

The Go! Agency has been tremendous to work with.  As the sole member of my non-profit organization’s corporate communications department, their daily attention to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts has made it look to the outside world that I manage a large department quite savvy in social media.  Christopher Tompkins has been a fantastic consultant offering innovative ideas on ways to position the professionals in our organization as experts in the field.  The positive effects of The Go Agency’s marketing efforts on our behalf have lasted way beyond the time frame of our contract.

– Shari Bruce, The Watson Institute

I recently completed a three month marketing campaign with The Go! Agency. My experience with Christopher Tompkins, Dale Griffen and Clare Osbourne was nothing short of spectacular. So much so, that I really don’t want my campaign to end, ever! I immediately intuited that I was in for something great during my first consultation with Dale — a highly thoughtful, humorous, sincere, gem of a guy who did a truly outstanding job of outlining exactly how the agency goes about executing their services as well as all the benefits that I would experience after choosing to come on board. Throughout the course of my campaign, I had the honor of collaborating with Christopher Tompkins. Christopher is an undeniable talent — an innovative creative mind, not to mention a joy and a delight to work alongside. Above all, I valued his laid–back yet aggressive, intelligent, thorough and cutting–edge approach marketing, which naturally put my intense, perfectionist tendencies at ease and enabled me to walk away with a powerful and effective marketing campaign that I am so very proud to now be able to share with my burgeoning new fan base! The Go! Agency single–handedly elevated my creative presence in the social media music world and enabled my voice and songs to be heard. This is undoubtedly a team of truly experienced and competent professionals who exude unpretentious, ambitious and enthusiastic attitudes. One of the greatest things about them is that they were consistently attentive and responsive to my vision, which was so important for me. I could feel that they truly wanted to help me do well — this caring sentiment was undeniable and was reflected in their work. The bottom line is that they were honest and delivered exactly what they promised. I am someone who has very little time for fluff and nonsense and expects any company that I hire not just to “talk the talk,” but to also “walk the walk”.  Well, they did just that. The concrete end–results of my campaign speak louder than any sales pitch ever could. I could not have asked for a more stellar campaign. I truly value the friendships that I have made with this wonderful team of individuals and sincerely look forward to forging a long–term alliance with The Go! Agency. Here’s to many more successful campaigns!

– Launna, Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist

We have worked with The Go! Agency for almost a year now on a successful social media marketing campaign which includes Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Their team has been great, very creative, responsive and timely to urgent posts that need our attention.  We are very pleased with the work that they have done for our practice.

– Errin Cole, ENT Associates

Without any real presence, it was our focus to have The Herts and Essex Fertility Centre placed on the social media map.  With a intuitive call to The Go! Agency it soon became obvious that social media would have many benefits.  Once The Go! Agency launched our Twitter and Facebook campaign,  within days we were seeing the number of followers increase significantly.  We now have one of the largest social media campaigns within our niche with over 1,400 followers in each.  Now we have the perfect audience to send key messages and promote our open days with immediate effect. Thanks!

– Andrew Glew, The Herts and Essex Fertility Centre

It is with excitement and pleasure I share this recommendation to the rest of the world.  I am grateful that The Go! Agency, LLC walked into my life.  In a very short period of time, they ignited my social media connections on fire.  Using their focused energies and expertise they created a viral web that attracted many professional, celebrity, and family caregivers to take notice of the event and register to attend.  What gave me the assurance that I had chosen the best social media marketing firm was not just the great results, but their total commitment and professionalism.  They are team players who watch your back every step of the way. You may understand the importance of why social media should be a part of your marketing strategy, but the question is “do you have enough time to get it done?”  If the answer is no, then you need to contact them right away to have a conversation about The Go! Agency’s services and how they will contribute to bolster your bottom-line.

– Kim Linder, Host,  The Caregiver Hour

We would like to express our appreciation for the tremendous support The Go! Agency has rendered to The River Fund New York in getting our social media presence established.  Over the years in which they have been managing our activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, the size of the online community that is connected to us via these channels has grown from zero to some 8,000 contacts. Thank you for establishing our social media presence!

– Durga Das, CEO, The River Fund New York

As president of Caregiver’s Support and Resources, my areas of expertise lay in serving our elders with finances, medical and support coordination; not technology.  I warned The Go! Agency upfront that working with me to build a website for my company would be a challenge.  They met the challenge head on and I tell everyone who compliments my website that it was The Go! Agency who deserves the credit.  I knew nothing about what a website needed to include or look like.  The Go! Agency were able to ask me the right questions and send me to the right resources to make the decisions necessary to create what I wanted.  Their patience was unending.  They know their craft inside and out and I would be happy to recommend them to any company looking to create a website or who was interested in social media marketing!

– Maureen Rullison, President, Caregiver’s Support and Resources

Working with The Go! Agency has been nothing but a pleasure.  They are responsive, creative and worked at a pace (during setup) that was both efficient and manageable for our team.  We have seen a marked increase in market response/recognition, since we began our social media program with The Go! Agency.  Thanks for making it so easy to get our marketing into the 21st Century.

– Timothy Petsch, CEO, TMI Sustainable Aquatics

Christopher Tompkins and his team at The Go! Agency bring energy, enthusiasm and passion to the world of social media marketing.  It all starts with a clear understanding of your business and strategy, and ends with a social media marketing service that delivers value beyond expectations.  They are without doubt, experts in their field.  Thank you The Go! Agency!

– Joy Maitland, CEO, Inemmo

Thank you so much for all of your help!  We so enjoyed working with you, and you guys were a great help when we were in dire need!

– Patty Schnatter, Lynn’s Paradise Cafe

The Go! Agency is very fast, high energy and extremely knowledgeable in social media technology.  They will build up a network really fast, respond quickly to requests and are personable and professional.  Their service is a great value for the cost.  I recommend their service to start your social media strategy.

– Emmanuelle Chaulet, Author, Starlight Acting Academy

I enlisted the help of The Go! Agency for a Facebook campaign.  I enjoyed watching The Go! Agency work their magic on my Facebook Page.  The results were nothing short of amazing.  At the end of the campaign, The Go! Agency provided a wealth of information, instruction, strategies, and tips for continued brand success.  They really know their business and are a joy to work with.  Hire them!

– Linda Jackubus, CEO, DBPC

The Go! Agency has been tremendous to work with.  They are experts in their field and their enthusiasm is contagious. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to extend their social networking and successfully brand themselves online.  A total winner!

– Alicia Kirschenheiter, CEO, Evolution Total Wellness

I highly recommend The Go! Agency.  Their CEO, Christopher Tompkins, has conducted numerous phone, webinar, and in-person training for our leaders statewide with excellent results.  Christopher and his team brings us and our members the needed social networking and marketing skills that make us so successful.

– Ted Howard, Organizations United Together, Inc

Christopher Tompkins is an excellent digital marketeer, he gets social media and how to utilize it to deliver marketing results.  It’s nice to work with someone who is passionate, professional and determined.  HuzuTech and I recommend The Go! Agency to anyone wishing to use social media as a marketing channel.

– Graeme Harvey, HuzuTech

I highly recommend Christopher as a writer and an expert on social media.

– Eric Alpin, FolkMedia

We were delighted with Christopher’s confident open approach to social media.  He demonstrated a great awareness of the space and tools available.  I look forward to working with Christopher in other projects in the future!

– Barry Furby, Social Media Monday

The Go! Agency is persistent, knowledgeable and goes the extra mile continually.

– Tiffany DeLucia, GoalAbility

I was very fortunate to have Christopher as one of my social media marketing trainers.  He did an outstanding job!  He had the participants engaged and very excited about all that could be done with social media.  Christopher is a great speaker who knows his industry, and I highly recommend him!

Pete Kane, Focus Your Marketing

The social media campaign that I received from The Go! Agency was fantastic!  There was a comprehensive campaign packed with value that really opened my eyes to what was possible in the social media world.

Marcello Greco, Visa Europe

We hired The Go! Agency to handle all of our social media marketing activities and will continue to do so.  Social media marketing is really a unique and specialized skill that many think they possess, but do not. Working with professionals in this area is the key to success.

– Snorri Gudmundsson, CEO, IceStat

The Go! Agency is a one-stop dynamo.  Although their specialty is social media marketing, they have such a depth of understanding in the entire marketing field that they end up including much more than just social media in their comprehensive service.  They are personable, honest, extremely creative and innovative in their approach (not to mention hard workers)!  I am totally satisfied with the results they have achieved and found working with them a pleasure.  Without reservation I would recommend The Go! Agency to anyone who wishes to target an audience, build a brand and use the social media as part of their marketing effort.

– John Berling Hardy, Author, The Hidden Game

We hired The Go! Agency to coach us on our social media marketing strategies.  The insights were fantastic, and I felt we received huge value!  We’ve just hired them again to train our new staff!

– Carolyn Douglas, CEO, IntranetConnections

The Go! Agency helped us use social media marketing in a small, exclusive retail business. They offered immediate response, detailed analysis – they clearly understand social media and know how to add value to a company’s marketing mix for best results!  I recommend them for anyone exploring social media marketing for their business.

– Ursula M. Pfahl, Yamron Jewelers

The Go! Agency is swiftly able to recognize weaknesses and opportunities when it comes to your online presence.  Then they come up with a fantastically creative and intelligent solution for your business!  Highly recommended.

– Rebecca Martinez-Ferreira, CEO, Amazona

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