Training & Consulting

Nobody wants to make the wrong decision

The best and most cost-effective online marketing strategies take time and work to develop. Schedule a consulting appointment, and we’ll advise you on everything you should be doing to succeed confidently in online marketing. All sessions are held with our Head Strategist & CEO Christopher Tompkins and can be held onsite, virtually, or offsite at an hourly or day rate.

Get clear about your marketing strategy

Develop your strategy with training and audits that hit your specific goals. Boost productivity with customized, expert-led advice and training developed around the issues you are facing. Engage staff with an active, purposeful bootcamp, one-one-on consultation, or spread training over multiple sessions.

  • Competitive Analysis – Suggestions – Audit
  • Website Analysis – Suggestions – Audit
  • Online Review Strategy 
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Marketing Budget Development
  • Full Planning Strategy
  • Marketing Executive Planning
  • Target Audience Formulation
  • Marketing Pricing Formulation
  • Sales Conversion Training


  • Do you need a consultation and a plan of what to do next?  See Option #1 below.

  • Does your team need specialized education to keep them at the top of their game in the social media marketing world? Check out Option #2!

Option 1

The Go! Pro Consultation Packages

This transformative business marketing package features our CEO and founder, Christopher Tompkins who will perform a thorough review of your business’s marketing strategy and provide the insider insights that you need to bring your business more success and generate more sales.

Included in this package is a custom face-to-face strategy meeting which will cover:
*A full audit of your branding
*A full audit of your marketing plan, and budget
*A full audit of your social media marketing and online presence

Who would benefit from this plan?  In short, ANY business that wants to increase sales, online recognition, status, professionalism, and profitability.  Please share this with any Business Owner, CEO, Business Partner, Marketing Manager, Office Manager, Sales Manager, Recruiter, or Decision Maker within any business that would like to see their online marketing soar!

 Prices Available Upon Request!

Option 2

Go! Corporate Training Packages & Seminars

Can you company’s social media presence be enhanced?  Do you struggle with figuring out how to manage the demands of social media marketing with an extremely over-packed schedule? Do you want to learn how to handle your social media marketing once and for all?

The Go! Agency’s one-day social media training bootcamp is exactly what you need to not only get organized quickly, but have a clear plan of action to stick to on a daily basis to create results!

In our custom-built one-day training program we will cover the following:

*Identifying Your Objectives: what you truly want to achieve
*Time and Management: identifying the role of the person(s) who will be handling the account, and pinpointing the time they have to dedicate to marketing on social media
*Finding the Correct Content Mix: identifying which types of content would best suit your campaign
*The Power of Social Media: which social media sites would be suit your business (including ones used and not currently used by your business)
*Full Audit: of your social media marketing channels
*Site by Site Training: after pinpointing the best sites to be used
*Editorial Calendar: how to create and plan content
*Work Schedule: identifying and creating specific daily social media marketing plan for your business built around your schedule
*Q&A: custom questions and answers built to the client’s needs

And all of this can be offered in a few different ways:

Package 1 – On-Site Training: Don’t have time to go out of the office and want your team to learn in the office environment? This 5 hour training day is a perfect fit for those businesses that need to stay close to home base.

Package 2 – In-House Training: We also offer our training at our Largo headquarters where we have a fully-interactive classroom that can accommodate up to 20 people for training classes.  Our classroom and boardroom are the perfect space to learn and interact!

Package 3 – Online Training: Have no time to meet and need to learn on-demand?  We will provide all of the training modules from the one-day training for you to enjoy on-demand.

 Prices Available Upon Request!

“I am so glad I became involved with the The Go! Agency. I knew very little about social media, and I needed a crash course so I could be more visible and get my company’s name out there. The classes were very easy to follow and the team was completely professional and patient while teaching me all about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Thanks to The Go! Agency, I can post on LinkedIn and Facebook everyday with knowledgeable information. Thank you so much for your time and commitment to teach me the ropes!”

– Gayle LaBonte, Consumer Title & Escrow Services