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False Facts About Social Media Marketing

False Facts About Social Media Marketing

If this presidential election has taught us anything, it’s that checking our facts is important. This is particularly the case for social media marketers. However, some people have a somewhat off-skewed perception of what social media marketing actually is.

It’s time to do some myth-busting. Here are the top misconceptions people have about social media marketing.

1. Social media marketing is easy. There’s a big difference between using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for personal fun and using it for business. A BIG difference. Online marketing is competitive, fast-paced, requires a strategic mindset, and analytical skills.

2. You only need to pay attention to social media once a week. Sure, scheduling is a big help to marketers so they don’t have to post every single day, but social media management is absolutely a full-time job.

3. It’s a fad. Some people feel that social media marketing is a phenomenon that will fade eventually. Yet what makes the industry so unique and permanent, is its adaptability. In a decade, we may not be using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But social media marketing will be rocking with the current platforms that people are flocking to. It has now become synonymous with internet usage, and as we all know, the internet isn’t going anywhere.

4. Social media marketing is free. Sure, signing up for social media doesn’t cost a dime. But to make yourself noticed, you will have to set aside a part of your marketing budget. Whether you’re choosing to outsource your campaign to the professionals at The Go! Agency, or planning out some advertising, you can always upgrade your social media marketing experience.

5. We just surf Facebook all day long. Once again, there’s a big difference between using these platforms for personal fun and using it for business.  We don’t have time to look at funny pics or see what our friends are up to. We are on Facebook for business, which means our clients’ content comes first and foremost.

6. There’s no recipe for success. This is absolutely false and kind of makes me wonder what people think we do in the first place. Social media marketers analyse data, engagement rates, effectivity, and current trends every single day to understand what works. Sometimes we have to change our tactics, while many times we grab onto something that works and develop it into a full-fledged facet of our content.

7. We only post annoying ads. Promotion is only one aspect of our industry. In reality, we strive to promote entertaining, engaging, and interesting content that isn’t just pushing the brand, but rather catering to the community.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other big platforms are our workplaces. It takes hard work, dedication, and consistency to develop a successful campaign. Every day, we help our clients reach out to the right people through our efforts.

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