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The Power of Integrated Marketing: Using Social Media, Email and Online Ads to End the Year Strong

The Power of Integrated Marketing_ Using Social Media, Email and Online Ads to End the Year Strong

2020 has been quite the year for most small and large businesses. In many ways, the pandemic has affected both e-commerce and brick and mortar businesses. Ecommerce stores may have found it difficult to stay on top of their supply chain and receive inventory in a timely manner. Brick and mortar businesses have had to […]

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The 4 Best Email Marketing Tools

The 4 Best Email Marketing Tools

If you read my last blog post, then you already know what makes email marketing so important. You’ve decided that your business can benefit from email marketing in 2019, and kudos to you for making that call. Knowing why email marketing matters doesn’t give you the tools to make it happen, though, so I’m back […]

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Incorporating Influencers: 5 Ideas for Your SMM Strategy

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Influencer marketing seems to be here to stay. Now that you’ve chosen and recruited an influencer for your social media marketing strategy, what should you do? How could you actually incorporate him or her into your campaign? We have a few ideas! Email Marketing Incorporate the influencer’s content into your email marketing. You could have […]

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