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Why You Need to be Tagging

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Tagging is one of the most effective tools that marketers have to generate organic attention and engagement on their social media posts. And yet, so many marketers neglect opportunities to tag. Here’s why tagging is important: First and foremost, tagging puts your posts in front of more people. As soon as you tag another account, […]

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Marketers, Are You Ready For The Holidays?

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You’ve seen it, haven’t you? It isn’t even October yet and stores are already readying their Christmas displays. It might seem a little obnoxious, but there’s a good reason for it: people love the holidays. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year. Valentine’s Day. Easter. What do all of these holidays have in common? They’re all fantastic […]

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The Importance of a Good Website

How to Build Strong Links

How many times have you gone to a company’s website and found it either so overwhelming or limited and hard to navigate that you just…left. For years, having a website has been thought of as obligatory, something needed but not a primary source of sales or customer interaction. But as business, and the world in […]

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How Can Marketers Use Clubhouse?

How Can Marketers Use Clubhouse_

New social media platforms are a dime a dozen, and rarely does one break the mold and ascend to join the likes of Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. But, as marketers, it is our duty to look at every emerging platform as an opportunity to reach an audience; to look at them as more than just […]

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Online Marketing: Social Media AND Websites Working Together

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Online marketing is a broad term that encompasses both social media and a company’s website. Because of this, these two need to work symbiotically. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other platforms need help from your website, and vice versa. There is a bit of quid pro quo in online marketing. Some social media content should […]

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5 Ways Companies Are Using Live Video Right Now


Ok, it’s a new year, and that means new strategies need to be integrated into your marketing plan. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms now feature live video broadcasting capabilities. The social media gods have spoken, and it’s pretty obvious that live video is destined to become an essential cog in the online marketing machine. […]

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