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Are You Sending Too Many Emails? (Probably!)

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With all of the conveniences brought to us by our favorite email marketing platforms, it’s unfortunately really easy to send a truly spammy amount of emails to our customers. But it’s also easy to send too few. What exactly is the right amount? As usual, it’s a simple question with a complicated answer. Here’s how […]

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Staying Out of Trouble on Social Media

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Gossip, controversy, and scandal—there’s no denying that they get people talking! It’s these spicy little tidbits that keep the internet alive and thriving. Whenever a celebrity or politician says something wrong, social media in particular eats it up as quickly as possible for a few weeks…before moving on to the next target.  While controversy is […]

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Writing DMs That Turn Audiences Into Advocates


Direct messages are one of the most-used features on all of social media. On Instagram alone, users send over 400 million messages to businesses every day by replying to stories or inquiring about products and business opportunities. Just a note: this blog will not be about the construction of chatbots or automations, but rather about […]

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Crafting the Right Comments Conversation


When you ignore your comments section, you’re leaving your devoted audience out in the cold! Does that sound dramatic? I promise it isn’t! Engagement on social media isn’t always easy to come by. If you don’t have a way of organically siphoning people to your page and can’t afford to boost posts, your posts could […]

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4 Red Flags of a Failing Campaign

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Does your team have a hard time getting projects smoothly across the finish line? Does it feel like deadlines keep getting pushed back again and again? To tackle your problems, you need to isolate them first and figure out their source. Here are the most common red flags that a campaign might be going a […]

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