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How To Fight Social Media Marketing Doppelgangers

How To Fight Social Media Marketing Doppelgangers
We were asked what to do if someone tries to impersonate your business on social media. While it’s a frightening thought, it’s easily resolved.
Your social media manager poured tons of effort into your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. They carefully optimized the page with all the ins and outs of your business, posted engaging content, and uploaded professional quality imagery. Then one day, you go online to see another version of your company’s account lurking about.
The profile picture is the same, even the name and profile information match. But it’s not yours. Instead, there are spams and scams and inappropriate content congesting this profile’s news feed. It seems there’s an evil twin of yours online. What is there to do?

The mere existence of this fake account is a threat to your social media marketing efforts. As soon as you discover the account, report it to the authorities immediately. Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The powers that be will be able to pursue the perpetrator. While it’s more common to see this in personal profiles, it’s certainly possible for scam artists to copy a business as well. Make sure you have proof that you represent the real business, which will make things go a lot smoother.

In addition to fake accounts, there is always the possibility of someone publishing your content as their own. While this is entirely unnecessary thanks to sharing, retweeting, quote-tweeting, etc., it still happens from time to time. If this happens, prepare to defend your well thought out content.

If you see that this is a real person and not just a spammy account, email them directly before taking more serious action. Politely ask them to remove your content. If they comply, the issue is over. If not, you need to inform the authorities.

Take plenty of screenshots and be sure to include the dates and times of when your original post was published. Contact Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever platform you use. Each site has a comprehensive and responsive team that does not take these situations lightly.

Don’t think that not participating in social media marketing at all is the answer. In fact, you are more susceptible. Having no social media activity means you won’t know if there is a copycat online. Secondly, you will have no real profile to call the real one. Don’t be vulnerable to scams.

Social media marketing provides a new level of online recognition. Every now and again, there will be someone who tries to abuse the system. Luckily, the resolution to this situation is easy and fixable so you can keep on marketing.

Our clients have nothing to worry about. Our attentive social media marketing team scans the internet for any sign of trouble. If it ever occurs, we strike it down immediately. Are you looking for effective and secure social media marketing? Contact us today to see how we can help!

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