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# Marks The Spot: How To Hunt For Social Media Content

# Marks The Spot: How To Hunt For Social Media Content

At times, social media marketing may feel like a treasure hunt without the map. That golden piece of content to like, share, and expand upon tends to be difficult to find without the right tools. But this isn’t a reason to give up. On the contrary, this content will help shape your marketing strategy for the better, so you need to track it down! Check out the best places and avenues to find content that’s not only relevant to your industry but highly engaging.

Reputable sources. Whether the news source is industry-specific or a dedicated news station like CNBC or Huffington Post, a prominent, respectable name is always a great place to search for content. It will validate the article’s reputability and bring a sense of professionalism to your brand.

Content delivery systems. Sure, technically Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are awesome sources for news, but there are times when you need to hone in on a particular subject matter or filter out unnecessary posts. That’s why there are tools like Feedly, Nuzzel, and Daily by Buffer to help you weed through the internet mess to the most trending topics and articles.

Social media managing tools. Hootsuite and Buffer are places to schedule, analyze, and publish content, but you can also use handy tools to filter tweets, updates, and posts by keyword, hashtags, or accounts.

Blogs. There are many blogs out there that are powered by industry influencers and experienced experts. A quick Google search could open a brand new world to relevant and reliable sites that you can regularly check for content.

Google Alerts. Finally, the internet can be wrangled into one nice blast to your email thanks to Google Alerts. Set up a few alerts for your most important subjects and just wait for the content to come flowing every day. I would suggest to only set up a few because that will be enough to keep your inbox from erupting but you will still get a plethora of content and ultimately, inspiration.

There’s no reason to be lost on your content treasure hunt. In reality, there is so much material for every possible subject matter that you will have to weed through good articles to choose which one works best for you!

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