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Harness The Holidays On Social Media (And Not Just The Big Ones)

Harness The Holidays On Social Media (And Not Just The Big Ones)

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the massive marketing machines revving their engines. The holiday season is about to go into full swing, and if you don’t have your marketing strategy in play by now, you better get a move on. But holiday engagement isn’t only exclusive to late November to the beginning of January. Far from it….

Did you know March 11th is World Plumbing Day? What about the fact that May 15th is Chocolate Chip Day? I bet you didn’t know that June 30th is Social Media Day! I’m not trying to impress you with trivia, but rather trying to emphasize that every day is a holiday, which is quite significant news for marketers. Every single industry, field and profession have days to celebrate. A little bit of research (or a knowledgeable social media marketer) can go a long way in letting you know how to use one of these bizarre holidays to your marketing advantage.

You may find that some days are just silly. For instance, Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day may not be your cup of tea. (It’s on August 7th if you want to know). Instead, use content like On This Day In History, local events, and even birthdays to make the most mundane days something special.

It’s the gift of a marketer to spin “blah” into “spectacular.” These holidays will be able to help! Never look at a blank space in your social media marketing schedule the same way again!

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