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How Social Media Revolutionizes Marketing: A Back To Basics Guide

How Social Media Revolutionizes Marketing:  A Back To Basics Guide

Marketing has changed for the better. While our primary goal is still to present our brands and products in the most positive and appealing manner possible, we have completely revolutionized how we connect with our masses. Social media is the primary catalyst for this change. This is not only beneficial to the brand itself, but also the customer. There is a new level of honesty and transparency brought on by social media and how companies use it. That’s why over 80% of internet users utilize social media and blogging in some form. Is your business up to speed with how brands connect with consumers?

The Basics.

First off, what is social media marketing? You may be hearing all about Facebook, Twitter, and everything in-between without proper knowledge about what’s going on. Or perhaps you only know about the personal side of social media. Read on to learn the facts!

In a nutshell, the term “social media” defines a type of online network which allows users to view and interact with frequently updated content from friends, family, and businesses. They are avenues towards the most recent news, updates, entertainment, and knowledge. In essence, online communication centers.

Currently, the most popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. Each one approaches social media in a unique fashion. For instance, Facebook has a broad appeal that incorporates text, visuals, audio, and other forms of consumable content. Instagram focuses on spreading messages through eye-catching visuals. LinkedIn is exclusively for professional networking and is ideal for companies trying to connect with each other or individuals attempting to establish themselves in their industry. Nearly 2 billion users are active on Facebook alone, and hundreds of millions of people use the other platforms in a variety of different contexts. Contact us to learn the fine-tuned details about each platform!

So, how does marketing get involved in all this? Social media marketing is essentially brand representation in a professional and approachable manner on popular platforms which raises a business’s credibility through regular customer communication.

Just like an individual, a company of any size, shape, or industry can have a voice on social media. Although instead of posting personal material like vacation videos and pictures of pets, a company’s marketing team can post information relative to the brand.

Why Does Social Media Marketing Work So Well?

A key defining factor that distinguishes social media marketing from older forms of promotion is the type of content marketers produce. While there are plenty of advertisements online, this medium allows us to reach our ideal customer base like never before. As a result, our “promotions” aren’t ads at all. Instead, they are pieces of compelling content that targeted users actually want to see. Imagine that. People wantto see your ads!

Let’s use Megan’s Cupcake Company as an example. Social media allows Megan to connect with the right audience in many different ways. Perhaps she’s trying to reach out to a certain geographical location, a particular age range, gender, income level, or even only those who have shown an interest in baking. It’s possible with social media.

Keep in mind that social media marketing isn’t just about promotions. It’s also about sharing engaging content with your online fan base. For instance, Sunny Shores Senior Living Community shares caregiving tips, health news, inspiring quotes, even gift ideas that are perfect for your elders. Those who are looking for assisted living solutions would want to read that information, as opposed to scrolling past it.

These are but a few reasons why over 50 million businesses already use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites to connect with previously existing customers and potential leads.

What Can Your Business Expect From Social Media?

At The Go! Agency, we help hundreds of companies in a broad range of industries succeed. No matter if the client is a one-person business trying to hit the ground running, or a large international brand trying to reach out in new ways, there is a place for them on social media.

Many companies go into social media marketing with certain expectations. Many express their goals as the following:

– Increased revenue

– Increased leads / referrals

– Increased sales

-Increased network connections

If done correctly, social media marketing can achieve these goals. However, you need to have a team of professionals who are capable of delivering a personalized approach and executing a successful strategy.

As you can see, social media is an entirely different animal than other marketing methods. It requires a new level of analysis, customer communication, and attentive management. After a brief period of implementing a customized marketing campaign, our clients notice the above “returns,” but also these added benefits:

– Online expert status

– A significantly improved online presence

– A major improvement in customer relations

– Steady increases in website visits and online transactions

– A vastly expanded professional network

Why Your Business Needs A Pro.

As you can imagine by now, social media may be effective, but it requires effort. To have an energetic, engaging, and effective social media presence, you need a team of professionals that has your back.

We take the hard work away from our clients so they can enjoy the results. This type of marketing requires a creative approach and a balance of entertaining, promotional, and business-centric content. Marketers should be adaptable, but also experts in the field due to years of experience studying trends and strategies. Thanks to our quantifiable results, our clients appreciate the scale of our efforts’ effectivity, and how social media marketing allows them to reach a mass of people that would be otherwise unattainable.

What are you waiting for?

At one point in time, social media was just about sharing selfies with your college friends. Not anymore. It has evolved into one of the most efficient methods to not only establish online brand recognition but to develop lasting relationships with customers on the sites they visit the most.

Don’t let another day go by without a powerful and professional social media strategy. Contact us today to join the millions already online!

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