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Today’s Top Apps To Help Social Media Marketers

Today’s Top Apps To Help Social Media Marketers

The industry of mobile apps is one of the most thriving aspects of software development in our current time. The sheer versatility that an app can possess seems almost infinite. It transforms our tablets and smartphones into gaming platforms, televisions, digital assistants, and so much more. It’s more than just playing Angry Birds and watching Netflix anymore. It’s about enhancing the most crucial aspects of our lives.

For social media managers, the App Store and Google Play stores are saving graces. If there’s something we cannot do with our basic tools, we can download one in no time. While I’ve written about popular apps before, it’s always good to stroll the digital aisles and see what new tools our fellow marketers can utilize now. So, as 2016 reaches its twilight days and the holiday season is revving its engines, let’s see what’s available for our online conquests.

1. Slack. A marketing team is all about communication. However, communication is also needed amongst the team as well.  Slack can help your employees keep in touch and tackle the toughest parts of the work day. Consider it a social media network, exclusively for your business!

2. LinkedIn Recruiter. If you’re using LinkedIn for one of its primary functions, to create a professional network, you might be able to enlist the best and the brightest new employees through LinkedIn Recruiter. It’s a new service that the “newly-acquired-by-Microsoft” platform is pushing heavily, but it might actually come in handy for those trying to generate a workforce through marketing efforts.

3. Facebook Pages Manager. Let’s face it, the world is only getting more mobile. Social media is helping with this process. Facebook Pages Manager helps us well, manage our Facebook pages. Simple enough right? This stand-alone app is solely dedicated to business professionals and helps us focus on the practical side of social media. You’ll now have to switch apps to be disrupted by your friend’s fun videos and rants about the election.

4. TypiMage. Now for some visual aids. It’s important to tweak your visual aid strategy regularly. You don’t want your pictures to get stale. TypiMage sees the need for a balance of text and images in social media posts and allows you to create stunning images with a unique catalog of typography effects. Get ready to get put your creative hat on.

5. Polarr Photo Editor. Of course, Adobe Photoshop will always be one of the top names in the photo editing and graphic design industries. That being said, the world of apps has certainly given the expensive software a run for its money. Polarr allows users to tweak photos so the subject matter is in the best possible light (or filter, or color saturation, or, well, you get the idea).

The app industry won’t be stopping anytime soon. As long as we’re still going gaga for smartphones and tablets, apps will be in demand. Social media marketers should smile about this fact and that there are so many apps to choose from in so many categories that we need to do our research to learn which of the millions are worth the download. These programs that people pour countless man hours into are available for either free or inexpensive, so start experimenting!

No time to fiddle with these apps? Come to us! Every week, our managers study new strategies, and this includes apps, websites, and new tools to make our client’s campaigns the best possible!

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