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The 5 Essential Steps To Social Media Images

The 5 Essential Steps To Social Media Images

Balance. Not a word that people often associate with social media marketing, but in reality, it’s one of the most important elements of a successful strategy. Just like a meditating monk or a juggler, balance is essential.

But what is there to balance? For one thing, the balance of visual tools and text. One cannot live without the other in the world of social media marketing. Now that Twitter no longer counts imagery against its 140 character count, there is no excuse for not using imagery. That being said, you need quality pics, videos, and GIFs. The following are the best approaches to social media visuals.

1.  Platform logistics. I bet you thought we were going to get all creative didn’t you? Well, that comes later. First, you need to know the dimensions each platform requires. Pinterest images are better if laid out vertically, while Instagram prefers squared images. For full details about what size every image should be, check out our article on the subject here.

2. Eye-Catching Material. Sure, it’s easy to say “make your images eye-catching,” but how do you actually accomplish this?

First, choose an appropriate subject matter. Whether it’s a model, a plate of gourmet food, or a mechanic smiling next to a newly-repaired pickup, have an image that makes people interested and represents what the post is about.

Secondly, make sure the image is high-quality. No blurry photos! Low-resolution photographs or graphics will make your company look like amateurs.

Finally, whether you’re using image editing software or you’re going the “no filter” route, make sure your images have bold colors, snappy text where applicable, and simple, albeit iconic, message.

3. Collage, Slideshows, and More. If you’re going with the static image route, you have a few opportunities to spice things up. Add multiple images to a collage or slideshow to appeal to our media-hungry senses. You can also add music and special effects to images via certain third-party apps. When dealing with Snapchat and Instagram, utilize the array of tools that they’ve already given you!

4. Videos and GIFs. As any social media marketer will tell you, video content is on the rise. 2016 witnessed many software developers trying to take advantage of the video craze. Do you lack a certain Spielberg quality to filmmaking techniques? No worries! You can create a hybrid of sorts with pictures, text, and effects thanks to video editing software like Ripl or Viva Video.

5. Live Video. Are you ready to take the ultimate leap into truly engaging visuals? Nothing pulls followers in an interactive and live video session between you and your customers. Periscope, Facebook Live, and now YouTube allow businesses to connect with their fans in this phenomenal way. You can answer questions on the spot, showcase new products, and much more.

These five steps are proven methods to drum up more engagement by staying in touch with contemporary practices. So, you want a balance between text and imagery? Here’s your path to image excellence. For the best way to get the best written-word, check out this blog!

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