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5 Unlikely Industries That Excel At Social Media Marketing

5 Unlikely Industries That Excel At Social Media Marketing

When we say social media marketing applies to any business, we mean ANY business. Still, some professionals don’t feel their industry fits this progressive marketing’s mold. It’s time to wake up!

Are you a professional in one of the following fields and refuse to use social media for business? Check out the ways social media marketing can work for you.

The internet is a miracle worker for real estate agents. From Zillow to Trulia, houses close in a snap these days. While this is great news, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms have the potential to help in a more human and personable way and compliment your Zillow activity as opposed to replacing it. Post your current inventory, share success stories, keep people informed about the current housing market climate. It’s the perfect tool for communication!

Mom and Pop Retail Shop Owners.Just because your company may be more traditional in nature doesn’t mean there isn’t room for social media. Post web-exclusive sales, new merchandise, fun and entertaining content, and of course holiday greetings to your customers.

Restaurant Owners.Yelp and other review-centric sites have made the internet a useful tool. Unfortunately, Yelp doesn’t allow the restaurant to have a voice of its own. That’s why you need a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Post those lovely food pics, share your specials, but most importantly, these platforms allow a place for user-generated content. People can post their positive experiences, reviews, and their own platter pics. The best part is, you can closely monitor what people are saying. Whether you have a pizza shop on the boardwalk or a downtown bistro, there’s a seat for you on social media.

Financial Advisors.Finance may not be the most visually-appealing of industries, but without a doubt, social media marketing is a great place for client connectivity. Post free advice, tips, news, and more. Overall, it’s essential to have the communication lines open.

Charities. A charitable organization is all about spreading the word, right? Social media marketing is the perfect tool for this. Raising awareness about your cause has never been easier with the help of Facebook events, live video, success stories, testimonials, and so much more. We work with several charitable organizations, and we’re proud to say that we helped raise funding for extremely important causes.

No matter what your industry is, social media can help raise brand awareness, credibility, and establish an extraordinary online presence.

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