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Last Minute Holiday Ideas For Social Media Marketing


Time is almost up. Santa has already planned out his course. Most gifts are wrapped. Many stores are already preparing for Valentine’s Day. While the holiday season is the prime time for marketers, it’s a very brief and time-centric period, so you need to act decisively and quickly.

If you haven’t touched on the holiday season in your content at all, you’re missing out on a nice heaping helping of customer engagement and brand awareness. Perhaps you have done a decent job covering the holiday season, but you’re looking for that extra festive flair for your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts. Either way, you need to check out these content ideas that will help spark the holiday spirit:

1. Updated festive visuals – Add a Santa hat to your profile pic, a menorah to your cover image, flashing lights to your Snapchat Story. Above all, make sure your holiday-themed content has imagery.

2. Flash sale – It’s a bit too late to do a “12 days of deals” type deal. However, it’s still fair game for quick “limited time” social-media-exclusive sales. Make sure they’re worth people opening up their wallets for them because a lot of “wish lists” are complete!

3. Contests – Giveaways and prize draws are popular at any time of year, but especially during the holiday season. A big basket of merchandise or a larger grand prize will get people flocking to your page.

4. Eblasts – While not strictly speaking social media marketing, an e-mail marketing campaign is an effective and personable strategy content idea for reaching out during the holidays. Some services allow the ability to add variable data such as names, addresses, interests, etc.

5. Pics from the team – Whether you post (not embarrassing) pictures from your Christmas party or your team reaching out to the community for a volunteering event, this idea adds a healthy dose of humanity to any marketing campaign. This type of content, above all else, should be promo-free.

So, maybe the holiday season snuck up on you this year, or you’ve been grasping at straws for what to publish. Either way, the above ideas will help you finish off the holiday season on a high note so you can focus on the new year!

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Go For The Gold! How The Olympics Affect Your Social Media


If you can believe it, it’s time for the 2016 Olympics! Yesterday, the opening ceremonies commenced, and the whole world watched with their flag of choice waving in their hands. These flags were also waving on Twitter thanks to a new development the social media giant implemented especially for the games.

You can see the update for yourself. Go on Twitter and enter #USA. An American flag emoji will pop up! Twitter has also created emojis for other elements of the Olympics. Ranging from #Archery to #Gold, these little illustrations will be sure to grab attention to your business profiles quickly.

On Facebook, we will see new bright and flashy updates throughout the games and Google is sure to impress us with unique Doodles. The Olympics’ influence goes beyond emojis and doodles, however, it comes with both opportunities and hurdles.

First of all, the internet is going to be as busy as the Rio streets talking about their favorite athletes, their country’s standing, and maybe a controversy or two. The Olympics are going to be trending for a while. What does this mean for your business?

As always, it is important to stay relevant and knowledgeable about what’s happening in the world. Depending on your industry, it may be a challenge to incorporate #Olympics or other festive messages, but it is possible with enough brainstorming.

Be sure to keep a positive voice. There will be plenty of people putting down athletes, administration, and whole countries out there. Your job is to use the best parts of these games and somehow craft them into a way to spread your brand. You can have “Olympic-themed” photos, contests, sales, and more. Finally, be patriotic! This is one of the times people tend to back their country and show pride. Make sure you promote your country’s colors on all your accounts.

Since cyberspace is going to be crowded, be sure to have your message as sharp and impactful as possible. The Olympics can muster up just as much engagement as the Holiday season if executed correctly. You need to use this opportunity to your advantage, and you can truly win gold for your business.

How do you plan on incorporate  the Olympics into your marketing? Comment below!


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How to Brand Yourself On Social Media Networks Without Spamming


Since the day they cut the ribbon on the worldwide web, there have been people working hard on ways to spam you. Spam is marketing gone wrong and spammers are the much-hated scourge of the Internet – and the social media realm is no exception. Most users try hard to evade these spammy interactions. When marketing your business, you want to avoid being viewed as a member of this pesky crowd.

But how do you avoid that pitfall and still use social networking as a tool to market your business?

Two words: Be Genuine.

Social networking is all about making connections and building relationships. As any top salesman worth his salt will tell you, “You’re not selling a product, you’re selling yourself.” Social media platforms are all about authenticity.  Branding couldn’t be easier for those willing to open themselves up and truly connect with their potential clients.

Be Real – Connect with people by sharing who you are, your thoughts, feelings and ideas. Don’t project a false “image”—sooner or later, you’ll be found out.

Have Conversations – Participate in and create discussions that are stimulating and informative. Spreading ideas and providing respectful and thought provoking debate can get you noticed.

Build Relationships – The most loyal of customers are people who know and trust you.

Don’t Pitch – No one likes a salesman, so save the pitches for the car lot. Trust that you have the “right stuff” (a unique service, product or perspective) that will draw those who need that “stuff” to you.

Listen & Be Helpful – If you are listening to what people have to say about their likes, dislikes, needs and desires, you will know better how to serve them. You might also know how to help them solve a problem. When you give, you get in return.

Provide Value – Whenever you do post something, make sure it’s something of value. Whether it’s a witty status update that brings a smile and leaves them with a little piece of your personality or a quick blurb and link to a relevant article, make sure you’re not only making contact but sharing something valuable. Can it brighten their day, teach them something, get them in on an incredible deal? Then it has value. People prefer value over bottom barrel prices.

No Expectations – Don’t have expectations for how and when people should respond to what you give, building any relationship takes time. They may not need you today but they might tomorrow. The person they trust the most, who is freshest in their mind, gets the business or referral.

Spamming is very recognizable. That’s why email servers have created a file and filters to catch it. You don’t want to end up in the SPAM file. Provide value, practice authenticity, care about people, and you should do just fine.

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