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How To Navigate The Chaotic Internet Landscape

How To Navigate The Chaotic Internet Landscape

There’s a reason my colleagues and myself call the internet the Wild Wild Web. Sure, there are some rules, but there’s quite a bit of anarchy out there. Social media both deters and exacerbates this chaos. Yes, everyone’s comments, spam, ads, and sharing are all contained within the walls of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., but there are so many people who break the rules of netiquette, it seems like it’s non-existent. Your brand is above all that, right?

The disorder of the internet is both a blessing and a curse for social media marketers. For one thing, it won’t take much for someone to have a professional look. However, you will soon be overwhelmed with the amount of spam, unprofessional business pages, and trolling out there.

Here are the top ways to stay on top amongst all the lawlessness:

Keep your chin up and stay classy. If you find yourself getting bombarded with a slew of fake messages or negativity, don’t forget the brand you represent! Be sure to approach everything with a delicate nature.

Don’t add to the chaos. Here at The Go! Agency, we understand “netiquette,” and we apply the unspoken rules of the internet to our client’s accounts. No spamming, just good, honest marketing.

Have a schedule. Stick to a dependable regiment, and stay consistent when posting. Being a reliable source of interesting content will have your followers looking forward to your next post.

Add eye-catching content. Make sure your posts stand out with compelling copy, imagery, and subject matter. People recognize quality posts, make sure yours can be spotted!

Stay focused. Don’t forget, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not the fun sites you love to browse while you’re marketing. They are tools of the trade. Don’t get sucked into all the cool stuff popping up on your feed. Power through it for the sake of your brand!

Are you ready to face the internet? You’re not alone! We can handle this online marketing thing together! With our years of experience, you will stay on top of the chaos with ease!

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