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How Can Attorneys Use Social Media?

How Can Attorneys Use Social Media?
For some professionals, social media marketing just doesn’t seem like a useful tool. Legal professionals took a bit of time to get on board. After all, it almost seemed unethical to be on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their whole career is about privacy and confidentiality after all. Well, now a mass majority of lawyers represent themselves on social media profiles. What exactly do they share with their audience?

These are the best activities attorneys and lawyers can hope to accomplish:

Educate. One of the most effective hats an attorney can wear on social media is that of an educator. Depending on your specialty, you can write long-form articles and explain an element of the law to your readers.

Advise. With a healthy dose of fine print and disclaimers, you can provide suggestions and tips for those who seek advice online. Always make sure you’re suggesting to get the real help by seeing you in person!

Network. Attorneys need to market. We advise you to connect with other professionals through LinkedIn, and invest a bit into Facebook advertising to spread the word about your firm.

Redirect. You’ve already created a website with a hefty amount of information about you and your firm. Promote its various pages and blog on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

As you can see, even attorneys can find a home on social media. It provides many opportunities to present yourself as a professional, but also an excellent way to drum up prospective clients and connections.

Are you an attorney with a lack of social media representation! Contact us! We will make you and your brand shine!

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