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Look Legit with Social Media Marketing

Look Legit with Social Media Marketing

Let’s try an exercise. Open up a new window and go to Facebook or Twitter. Write down a list of 10-15 popular brands. It can be Coca-Cola, Apple, Disney, Chevrolet, GAP, Shell, or even the US Government itself. Now, try and search for them on the platform. You found them, didn’t you? A mass majority of top brands use social media to connect with their customers, but also to look legitimate.

Having a professional Facebook and Twitter page along with a few other platforms has become an essential for businesses. It’s hard to find a company that doesn’t have at least one account.

Social media provides the following elements of legitimacy:

– Substantial online representation

– Open customer communication

– It makes the brand relevant and modern

– The ability to share professional material

– Widespread brand recognition

– Brand development

So, since all these top companies have begun to incorporate social media marketing into their brand, why isn’t your company? You need to take social media marketing seriously so others will flock to your brand and know you’re the real deal.

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