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How Facebook Forever Affected Marketing

How Facebook Forever Affected Marketing

Facebook just recently announced that they finally hit the 2 billion user milestone. That’s more than the number of people living in North America and Europe combined! The social media platform has turned itself into a massive community where anyone and everyone can find exactly what they are looking for.

It’s easy to see how an online community whose population is literally larger than two continents would be a great place to market your business. While there were previously established social media platforms such as MySpace and LiveJournal, Facebook was the one to pioneer a new way that brands can establish a visible online presence. Social media revolutionized the concept of online marketing and Facebook was the beginning.

But how did Facebook advertising really change things for companies? How did social media marketing allow businesses both big and small to reach a new customer base?

It’s all about the experience.

Facebook allowed businesses to go beyond traditional advertising. Whether a company sends out a direct mail marketing campaign or they’re making a television commercial, they all have a very sales-centric approach with little to no takeaway for the audience. Social media marketing changed that.

Facebook allowed brands to interact with customers and audiences through engaging content that is positioned right where they look – their timeline. Facebook users log in and check out their timeline to see what their family and friends are up to. Well, thanks to social media marketing, they will also see what their favorite brands are up to as well. It doesn’t have to be a sale – it can be an insightful article, something fun, a freebie, or even a recipe. It’s a subtle way to present your brand as approachable and connected to their customer base.

Additionally, Facebook advertisements allow brands to target a very specific audience. If you’re trying to promote a family physician practice, you can market to those in your local area. Even more so, you can choose those who have families or in a certain income bracket. This is just one of many examples that exhibit how focused you can make your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Facebook canvas ads allow brands to essentially follow up on those leads who showed signs of interest. That’s why if you visit a website, you might see a Facebook ad about that exact company or even a specific product you considered.

Did your ad hit the bullseye and land a lead? Perhaps they have questions about your products or services. Facebook and the many platforms that followed allows customers to directly message brands as if it was a friend. They can receive quick and effective responses, thereby raising customer satisfaction.

As you can see, all of this heavily promotes a constant contact between brand and customer. It creates an experience for people to enjoy, a convenient avenue for communications, and the ability to deliver your message to your ideal customer.

In a nutshell – social media marketing changed the definition of marketing from “advertising a product or service to a customer in hopes of a sale” to “forging a lasting, rewarding, and symbiotic relationship between brand and customer.”

So, since there are now 2 billion Facebook users and counting, it’s time to reassess your company’s marketing. Even if you are on social media marketing, what’s the caliber of your content? Are your proud of the material you are producing? Do you have enough ideas to generate a regularly occurring presence online?

If you need help with social media, contact us! We’re here to help!

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