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#HoHoHo! The Top 5 Social Media Holiday Posts

#HoHoHo! The Top 5 Social Media Holiday Posts

It’s coming. The garland, the elves, the Santa hats, the dreidels, the festive candles, snowmen, and food. It’s coming and in full force. Social media is no exception. The “holiday eruption” has already begun thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s no more time to wait.The holiday season is a surefire way to grab some audience engagement. But to truly succeed, you need to create the content your audience craves. Check out the top post categories that do particularly well during these days.

1. Gift Ideas- Whether you run an auto shop or dental office, there are gift ideas that cater to your ideal audience and industry. People search for these types of suggestions for the whole month of December, so publish these early!

2. Recipes- What would the holidays be without food? Take a break from promotions and post your favorite festive dish, whether it’s pie, turkey, or egg nog.

3. Contests- Everyone could use a win, especially now that their bank accounts are a little smaller. Make a holiday-themed contest that will get people actively engaging with your page.

4. Nostalgia- With holidays come memories. Consider #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday your friends throughout the holiday season. Post videos, images, GIFs and more that tug at people’s hearts with a flash to the past. You can also ask your audience what their favorite holiday memory, movie, song, dish, book, or tradition is! Time to get people talking about what they’re already thinking about.

5. Holiday wishes- Last but certainly not least, on the actual day of Christmas, New Years, the first day of Hannukah, etc., wish your customers a very happy day. Keep it simple and promo free.

Tis the season to be filled with joy. Tis also the season to be a smart marketer. Don’t forget to create plenty of festive and fun content for everyone to enjoy. Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other accounts will most certainly benefit.

It’s still early in the holiday season, but you need to act NOW! Contact us today to create an engaging and holiday-filled social media strategy!

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