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The Power Of Fun And Social Media Marketing

The Power Of Fun And Social Media Marketing

Someone once asked my team what we do for work, and we explained a broad overview of our work as social media marketing professionals. Then, they asked us what we do for fun, and well, it was almost the same answer. It occurred to me that this is one major reason why social media marketing works. It incorporates fun into marketing.

When talking about social media ads, we often say “if it’s targeted correctly, it’s not an ad at all, but rather more engaging content for users to enjoy.” The reason for this is because when we create Facebook ads, Twitter promoted posts and other forms of advertisements, we have the opportunity to specifically narrow our focus towards social media users who are interested in or require your type of work. The reason why this is so important is that social media does NOT mean spam. It’s content people actually enjoy.

The fun aspect of social media marketing is also why it’s not advisable to only publish promotional content. Otherwise, you may have a “used car salesmen” vibe by mistake. Instead, post relatable articles, quotes, contests, recipes, etc.

What’s always interesting to us is that people choose to go on social media for fun. They do not go on there to work (well, most people, anyway). Because of this, our marketing efforts already have an advantage. Traditional marketing can only compete with this only so far. Is it time people actually enjoy your message?

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