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Why Pinterest’s Business Update Is A Game Changer

Why Pinterest’s Business Update Is A Game Changer

Social media platforms are always tweaking the inner workings of the websites here and there. Most times, users can’t even notice the improvements because they’re so small. However, this isn’t the case for Pinterest’s new revamp. Social media marketers are sure to smile with this significant facelift.

On November 30th, Pinterest’s Adam Barton published an announcement on the official blog explaining everything that we can look forward to. Here are the top highlights we’re most excited to use for our clients.

– A slideshow-style spotlight of a business’s top content.

– The ability to put your top boards at the top of your page.

– The ability to prominently place a “Shop” board, which features Buyable Pins.

– Mobile design consistency – all these great features will now be viewable on ANY device.

As you can see, Pinterest is realizing more and more that businesses are utilizing their services to reach out. While all this may seem to be just aesthetic changes, it’s actually improved visibility for a company’s most valued content. Online transactions are now going to be much easier and more convenient. We will be able to update our content much easier so our followers can see the best and brightest material easier.

This is the first update of its kind and makes us all reevaluate Pinterest’s potential power.

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