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5 Ways Companies Are Using Live Video Right Now

5 Ways Companies Are Using Live Video Right Now
Ok, it’s a new year, and that means new strategies need to be integrated into your marketing plan. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms now feature live video broadcasting capabilities. The social media gods have spoken, and it’s pretty obvious that live video is destined to become an essential cog in the online marketing machine. We’ve already seen huge brands utilize this service and have reported back with big smiles on their faces. It really is effective, and people are flocking to these fun, innovative avenues of communication. So, as you might imagine, it’s time to act for your own business.
To promote their services, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give prime real estate on their timelines and news feeds to live video broadcasts. Users even get notified when someone goes live. Sounds good, right? Well, first you need to learn what exactly you should do when the cameras start rolling. You can’t just smile and wave to the camera. Well, you could, but your followers will “change the channel” in a heartbeat.
These are the top ways companies have already been using social media live video:
Entertainment. Many people use social media for fun posts. You’ve already incorporated this strategy into your traditional posts (or at least you should’ve), and your live video is no different. Make sure those who star in your videos are fun, personable, and can hold an audience’s attention.
Behind the scenes. If every single company created a behind the scenes video stream, every single broadcast would be different. Show the human side of your business by demonstrating how your team makes everything happen!
Exclusive Unveilings. Many companies use live videos as a way to reveal new products. These new tools are excellent avenues to positive publicity, as well as ways to let your Facebook or Twitter followers feel like they’ve “seen it first.”
A new level of engagement. Sure, customers will get a response through a direct message on social media, but being able to ask the people that are live streaming a question is almost like a face-to-face conversation. Imagine that!
Exclusive deals. Some companies have used this new tool as a special way to reward their loyal customers. They can provide a code for special discounts, or even freebies. It’s just a new way to pull in your community and thank them for their support.

Live video has just begun. More and more companies are being drawn to its potential. Social media is evolving, as it always has. Marketers need to do just that!

Do you have questions about live video? Contact us today to see how you can become an internet movie star!

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