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Spotlighting Your Employees On Social Media

Spotlighting Your Employees On Social Media

Are you proud of your employees? Prove it on social media! A subtle promotional content curation idea we have found that works is spotlighting your employees. This puts your whole company in a good light by showing your followers and fans that you care about your teammates.

We have seen several businesses both big and small create posts on a regular basis that feature individual employees. Think of this as an “employee of the month” type post. This type of content will have the following benefits for your company:

  • Showcasing employees will give a friendly face to your company.
  • You are able to establish your company and your staff as well-equipped and professional.
  • You will be able to inadvertently advertise your brand by explaining the employee’s work and process.
  • You will make your employees happy by giving them some extra attention and well-deserved praise.

Of all the social media content ideas you could utilize, this may be the most easily accomplished inside your office. It’s simply an interview and some pictures, but such a post will conjure a lot of attention. You could start with a bit of history about the employee either personally or professionally. Then, they could explain their work at your company. Everything should stay in a positive light and they can express how working for your business has improved their lives. If the employee deals first hand with your customers, you will be providing a new and unique connection for those who work with them directly. Of course, you will want to ask the employee to read it over and approve it before sending it off to cyberspace.

You can also interview and showcase customers that you have built strong relationships with. This type of testimonial will be able to explain just why a customer should choose you and keep returning, straight from the source!

Showcasing individuals is a great way to make customers, employees, and followers feel special. While these posts will take some extra time, they will definitely prove rewarding for all involved.

What do you think of showcasing employees or returning customers? Comment below!

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