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How to Create Quality Online Videos

How to Create Quality Online Videos

It’s hard to deny that video production is the future of online marketing. Once you’ve accepted that, though, what steps can you take to get your business working with this exciting new medium?

The good news is that there’s a pretty simple list of what you need to be successful! I’ll walk you through the kind of equipment and setup you’ll need to create videos that give you a good return on your investment!

Buy a Good Microphone and Camera
You need reliable, high quality shooting material to make a good video. It should go without saying, but I’ve seen enough static-y, grainy videos in my life to know that it doesn’t. I can respect pinching a penny or two, but only up until it affects the quality of the product.

Plain and simple: If your audience can’t hear you, you’ve failed. So don’t skimp on a microphone! You don’t need to buy a gold-plated recording device made for people like Adele, but you also probably shouldn’t go for the $20 camera on Amazon with two reviews.

Set Up Good Lighting
The hottest camera on the market isn’t going to make up for you sitting under a single, half-dead lightbulb. You need to make sure that you’re being illuminated from the front, and the light is being diffused so there isn’t a single beam of white on your face and nowhere else. Just make sure to check the video before you start recording so you’re not too dim or getting washed out!

Dress the Set
If you’re making this video for a medical supply company, it’s probably safe to say that the area should look clean and professional. Alternatively, a brewery might go with a more relaxed and less corporate setting for their video. It’s not about having a sterile environment; it’s more about matching your brand’s image.

That said, no video should look messy or disorganized unless you’re working it into a bit for the video. Even a relaxed, casual-feeling business should clear away clutter before shooting. Nobody wants to see carpet stains or messy desks while you tell them to buy from you!

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Invest in Video Editing Programs
When shooting any sort of video, you are going to mess up. A lot. And that’s fine, provided you have a way to edit the footage so there aren’t obnoxious, jarring cuts every 15 seconds.

Anyone who makes videos professionally will tell you that editing is by far the most time-consuming part of the process. There isn’t much to be done about that, but you can cut down on editing time by choosing reliable, intuitive editing programs. I’ve found that iMovie and Adobe After Effects both work well for our clients!

Write Out a Script
I cannot stress this enough—NEVER go in front of a camera without an idea of what you want to say. Even if it’s a pre-recorded video, that’s just going to make it harder to edit down the line and lower the overall production value of your video.

How much you need to prepare depends entirely on you. I’ve found that I work best when I have a written plan of the areas I want to discuss, but not necessarily a word-for-word dictation of what I need to say. That said, I’ve known plenty of successful people who need that specific script, and that’s fine. Play with it a little, see what works for you, and never go in under-prepared!

Make the Investment
It seldom feels good to spend this kind of money, but if you put the effort into producing quality videos, you’ll find that it’s well worth the investment. You don’t have to buy all of these today, but start researching so you can make an informed choice and release great video content!

Do you have any lingering questions about producing video content? Set up your free consultation with The Go! Agency!

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