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5 Social Media Marketing “Grinch-worthy” Acts

5 Social Media Marketing “Grinch-worthy” Acts

It’s time for your social media marketing A-game. Everyone is flocking to their closest screen for the latest deals, sales, and holiday goodness. Your brand will receive a lot more attention simply because more people are roaming the internet and social media platforms.

Making sure your content is on point is essential. This is not the time to make silly mistakes and hope no one will notice. If it’s true that nothing ever dies on the internet, then make sure your brand avoids these errors!

1. Broken links. Just imagine. Your business posts an incredible holiday season sale. All your customers have to do is click a link, and a new gift will be under the tree in no time. Only, they get hit with a giant “Page not found!” roadblock. Or, they are taken to a far off and obscure page of your website that has nothing to do with the sale. It happens more than you might think. Make sure you take a note from Santa – make a link and check it twice!

2. Click Bait. “Your holiday won’t be complete without this deal! Click here to find out what it is.” No, no, no. Be transparent. Don’t make people follow you down a rabbit hole only to be disappointed. That’s a surefire way to lose fans.

3. Controversy. Yes, 2016 has been full of controversy. But it isn’t your place to comment on touchy subjects. You’re representing your brand, not an ideal. Even when the clock counts down, and you post “The Year In Review” content, don’t mention things people would rather forget.

4. Typos. “Mary Chistmass” is cute when your toddler writes a card, but not for your marketing efforts. Read over everything and ensure that there are no problems at the most fundamental level.

5. Ignoring the holidays. Perhaps one of the biggest Grinch-worthy crimes you can commit on social media is to ignore the holidays altogether. Sure, your business may not be the most festive, especially if you’re in a B2B industry, but you should at least post something. After all, social media is your way of communicating with your customers. Send out good tidings!

Remember, everyone is watching! Make sure your marketing efforts are cranked up to eleven and that even the “non-holiday” content is professionally crafted.

It’s not too late to jump on board with social media marketing for this holiday season. Contact us today to learn how to be festive and effective online!

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