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How Social Media Helps Brick And Mortar Stores Compete With Online Giants

How Social Media Helps Brick And Mortar Stores Compete With Online Giants

It’s not easy to have a traditional, “brick and mortar” store these days. The power of Amazon, eBay, and the other online giants are almost too much to compete with. But there is hope. While the internet seems to be the enemy, it’s just a tool. And if those big guys can use it, so can you.

Social media marketing has the power to level the playing field a bit. Millions upon millions of people use these platforms every single day and are fed content in the forms of updates and advertisements. Your business can harness the power of the internet’s popularity for its own marketing.

Regularly post content that advertises your inventory, sales, and giveaways. Be as active as possible and explain why your customers should choose your store over the online guys or your other competitors.

Inside your store, your employees should promote your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and let your customers know about social media-exclusive deals that they can use in store. They can even present it on their smartphone at that minute!

Testimonials and user-generated content are always huge. Ask your customers to give you 5-stars on Facebook or a positive mention on Twitter. The more engagement, the better!

Finally, the big guns. Invest in social media advertising, and you can narrow your scope to the geographical region your store is located in. There’s no need for people across the country to see the ad, so sharpen your focus and promote with boosted posts, “page like” campaigns, and more. Need help with advertising? Contact us!

The world is becoming more technology-driven, there’s no denying it. But instead of fighting it, you can take advantage of this opportunity and promote your store through social media marketing. Your store can stand up to the online giants with no problem!

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