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Facebook Branding: What You Need to Know to Get Started

When marketing your business online, branding is one of the key factors that you need to keep in the forefront of your mind.  Keeping a consistent brand across all of your marketing collateral can help build not only a stronger overall brand, but also a synergistic marketing machine.

So why is it when you throw Facebook into the mix does branding continuity begin to suffer?

Let’s think about your marketing materials: your website, your brochures, your business card, your promotional sheets, your landing pages.  When you were formulating your messages and branding, I’m sure that you took into consideration how it would flow through every aspect of your marketing.  You want your logo to be consistent, your brand colors to be consistent, your message consistent, your contact information consistent.

And why did you do this?  So that when you begin marketing your brand, it is easily recognizable, has impact, has credibility and easily conveys the message of your business.

The hard fact is that if your business has a Facebook Page – this is now officially another part of your marketing collateral.  Which in turn means that it is another branding opportunity and one that you need to make sure that you can brand effectively.

How do you do this?

First, don’t over-complicate the task.  Here is the simple way of auditing your Facebook presence for branding.

Open your website in one window and in a separate window, open your Facebook Page. Now look at the two: notice what is different in terms of the branding, imagery and message.

In particular, look at the following (as these are the main areas where I see many companies miss the mark):

  • Cover image:  Do you have one?  Does it have the same branding message, imagery, colors, etc as your website?
  • Logo:  Is your logo pixellated?  Is it the same logo design as seen on your website?  Is it too small to be read or too large to be fully seen?
  • About Page:  Does it have the following sections filled in: about, mission, company overview, general information and your contact info (including website)?

When dealing with your visual brand on Facebook, the above three items are what visitors to your page will see FIRST.  So if any of them is not consistent with your overall brand, visitors may feel confused or think that you are not looking at the official page for the company….and more.

Take a minute and audit your Facebook Page against your website and overall branding.  Make sure that your visual and written message is consistent.  This will create another fully functional branding hub for you to pour content into.

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