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4 Reasons You Need Facebook Marketing

4 Reasons You Need Facebook Marketing

Two points.

One: You need Facebook marketing.

Two: Only having a Facebook business page is not nearly enough.

I think business owners tend to think that “Facebook marketing” can be summarized as having a Facebook page and sending out a couple of posts a week, but actual marketing is much more involved and strategic. It involves planning, analyzing data, and identifying new opportunities for growth.

And yes, it’s hard.

But it’s also not optional. I’m going to show you exactly why your business absolutely has to invest in Facebook marketing.

1. You need people to like your brand.

They don’t call it social networking for nothing. Facebook is a great place to create connections with customers, and those connections can pay dividends.

What makes engaging with your customers valuable? While you don’t directly get paid for likes or comments on your post, that does ensure that people are going to be thinking of your brand in a positive way. So when they’re in the market for whatever you’re selling, they’re going to want to buy from the brand that has already been talking to them for weeks or months.

Alternatively, without an active Facebook marketing strategy, people probably won’t think of your brand at all, let alone in a positive light. This will leave room for your competitors to step in and claim their attention, which has been the kiss of death for plenty of small businesses.

2. You don’t have to waste money appealing to irrelevant users.

When you’re paying for a billboard to promote your men’s fashion brand, you’re not just showing that ad to potential buyers. You’re also paying to show your ad to women, men outside of your target age range, men who don’t wear that style of clothing, etc. You might as well be throwing money away.

But when you advertise on Facebook, you can strategically target users. You’ll only pay to show that ad to men who love clothes like the ones you’re selling. Your adspend gets stretched a lot further, you know for a fact that the right audience is seeing your ad, and you’re free to reap the benefits of a successful ad campaign.

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3. Facebook marketing is great for generating web traffic.

Are you launching a new product or service? Does your business rely on online bookings or purchases? Do you want people to learn more about your business and what you offer?

Then you’re going to need to generate some web traffic.

When you post engaging content on Facebook, you’ll often be linking back to a page on your website. If you can convince your followers to click the link, then you get the reward of more eyes on your page and a much higher likelihood that your audience will learn more about your business. Which leads us to our last point, and the one you’ve been waiting for…

4. Marketing your business on Facebook can drive revenue.

That’s right! For all of the reasons above, Facebook marketing is a great way to boost your sales and generate more revenue. All that online attention will convert to sales, provided you’re doing it right.

Despite what old school marketers will tell you, utilizing Facebook does pay the bills. Don’t believe me? Install a Facebook pixel on your website and track conversions that way. You’ll be able to see how many people are coming from Facebook to buy your products, sign up for your mailing list, etc. Give it a few months of active, dedicated work, and I’m sure you’ll see exactly how lucrative Facebook marketing can be.

Stop putting it off.

Like it or not, Facebook is one of the best marketing opportunities out there. If you want your business to succeed, then you need to start putting in the work on Facebook. It won’t happen overnight, but when you follow Facebook marketing best practices, you’ll see results!

Do you know how to start marketing your business on Facebook? Let’s discuss it during your free consultation with The Go! Agency!

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