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4 Ways to Update Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

4 Ways to Update Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

When someone comes to me with Facebook trouble, one of the first things I ask is when they last updated their Facebook strategy.

“Uh, sometime in 2015, I think?”

Yeah, there’s your problem.

Facebook best practices are always changing with the platform, and any effective strategy needs to take these into account. If you’re giving social media your best shot but it’s just not working out, then let me give you a hand.

1. Ditch the Fake Followers

I know it was popular a few years ago, but buying followers isn’t a great move for your business’ Facebook page. Sure, you’ll have a bigger audience, but those extra followers aren’t going to be interested in what you’re posting. That not only means lower engagement rates, but you’ll also be spending money on followers who will never make a purchase from your business.

If you’ve been buying followers, it’s way past time to stop. At best it’s a waste of your time and money, and at worst it will lower your engagement so much that your reach goes down. And who wants to pay to have their posts reach fewer people?

2. Cut Out the Engagement Bait

“Like if you agree!” “Tag a friend in the comments below!”

These kinds of one-liners are often used by marketers looking to give their engagement numbers a boost. It doesn’t really start a conversation, but it does make your numbers look better.

That wouldn’t be awful by itself, but Facebook has started cracking down on spammy phrases. This means the Facebook algorithm lowers your post’s ranking when it sees engagement bait.

So instead of using cheap tactics like this, try to craft content that actually starts a conversation. That engagement will be way more valuable for your business in the long run!

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3. Use Ads Strategically

When people tell me that putting money into Facebook hasn’t worked for them, I like to ask how they’ve been spending that money. Usually, that person has put $10 into boosting a random post with no link to the website or call to action and decided that Facebook ads just aren’t worth it. That person is wrong.

If you put the time into setting specific, achievable goals, Facebook ads are great investments in your business. As you revamp your strategy, stop throwing a few bucks at Facebook every now and then. Instead, put a reasonable sum (no less than $100) behind your Facebook ads and see how much better your results are. If you’re not sure how to optimize Facebook ads, I’ve got some advice you need to read.

4. Start Tagging

Your page should be sharing content from other sources to mix things up, but there’s more to it than that. You need to be tagging anyone that you can in your updates. If I’m working with a client who owns a hotel, I might have their page share an article about some new attraction near the hotel.

When I went to publish that post, I’d make sure to tag the source, the attraction, and anything else that was even vaguely mentioned in the copy.


Because people appreciate those shoutouts. When I tag another brand, they’re more likely to return the favor. And especially for local businesses, those connections can be a BIG help in getting your name out there!

Get Out of the Past

Strategies that worked years ago may not (probably won’t, actually) work today. It’s important that you keep up with Facebook’s changes if you want to reach the top. Use this advice so you can stop lagging behind your competitors and make Facebook work for your business!

I often find that one-on-one discussions are useful for figuring out a Facebook campaign’s weak points. Let’s talk about it during your free consultation with The Go! Agency!

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