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4 Approaches To Educate Your Social Media Audience


A lot of people use social media for entertainment. It’s not hard to find funny pictures, videos, or lighthearted stories all over the internet. But there are still many of us with a thirst for knowledge.  Where do we turn?  Social media. One of the most significant ways businesses can engage with customers is educating […]

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Your Website: Your Social Media’s Biggest Fan


Online marketing is a broad term that encompasses both social media and a company’s website. Because of this, these two need to work symbiotically. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other platforms need help from your website, and vice versa. There is a bit of quid pro quo in online marketing. Some social media content should […]

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Spotlighting Your Employees On Social Media


Are you proud of your employees? Prove it on social media! A subtle promotional content curation idea we have found that works is spotlighting your employees. This puts your whole company in a good light by showing your followers and fans that you care about your teammates. We have seen several businesses both big and […]

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What Social Media Marketers Can Learn From Pokemon Go


Do you remember the hit game Pokemon from the 1990s? While there have been several versions since Nintendo’s original incarnation, it’s popularity returned in a big way recently by tapping into the smartphone world where Pokemon Go, a completely new game, is available for free. Not even Nintendo itself expected its new video game to […]

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Learn Snapchat In A Snap!


Okay, Snapchat, you have our attention. The app-exclusive social media platform is beginning to hold its own amongst the social media giants, especially for Millennials and younger users. With video’s rise in popularity, it was to be expected. Its interface isn’t exactly where it should be, but with each new update we are seeing improvements. […]

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5 Ways to be an Insta-Pro on Instagram


In 2010, one of today’s most popular social media platforms, Instagram, debuted and in no time, it began to catch speed. Now, in 2016, there are over 400 million users. That’s an insane amount of users! While it doesn’t compete with its parent company, Facebook’s 1.6 billion users, the powerful picture-centric platform is becoming a […]

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