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You’re Losing Money If You Aren’t Using Email Marketing

You’re Losing Money If You Aren’t Using Email Marketing

It’s hard, in the midst of your daily routine of deleting a seemingly merciless influx of ads from your inbox, to think of email as a valid way to spend your marketing budget. But perhaps you’ve discounted this: what if those ads were from brands and companies that you liked?

Globally, nearly four billion people use email, with more than 293 billion emails being exchanged every day. Despite common perception—even personal experience—most emails are not banished to the depths of the spam folder; they’re being read, and they’re valuable real estate. 

When polled, almost 50% of consumers said they would enjoy getting updates and promotional materials from their favorite brands. Audiences want to hear from brands they have an attachment to, and as businesses, we should know how to answer demand. And if that doesn’t convince you, let’s talk about the thing that makes the world go ‘round: money. For every dollar spent on email marketing there is an average return of $44…that’s potentially over 4,000 percent profit. The long and short of it is that if you’re not investing in some degree of email marketing, you’re making a massive financial mistake.

What are the benefits?

You did see the 4,000 percent profit part, right? The financial effectiveness of email marketing is its greatest benefit, but let’s talk a little about why it’s so successful.

Email marketing is more effective at keeping customers than social media. While your email may not get as many eyes on it as a post does, emails ask for more from your audience. Interaction with a post typically ends at liking or commenting, but email requests a higher form of engagement. You’re invited to read more, and the experience doesn’t stop at the end of the email; handy “shop now” or “read more” buttons are a stealthy, effective, and aesthetic way of leading readers from their inbox to your site.

The dip from acquisition to retention is also much lower than other forms of marketing. Customers required through email have an 81 percent track record of remaining loyal to the brand, only 44 percent for other methods like social media.

“But won’t readers delete an email when they realize it’s trying to sell them something?” Not necessarily. Experian found that transactional emails—emails that contained product advertisements and a call to action—were opened eight times more than regular reminders, updates, or announcement emails.

So why aren’t you blasting out emails?

Email marketing isn’t especially difficult. What it is is time-consuming. In order to be effective, you need to be producing beneficial content with consistency.

Effective marketing happens in the form of a campaign: a recurring and concerted effort to draw potential customers to your site, in this instance via their inbox. As the brain behind an up and coming brand, you don’t have the time to come up with marketing blasts or commit to penning a thoughtful, consistent newsletter.

I realize that as a business owner, your life is hectic and full of demands, and throwing email management on to your already towering to-do list seems unnecessary. But it is. Apart from the audience outreach, I don’t know any company that can say no to a potential profit margin of 4,000 percent.

One of the many things my team and I at The Go! Agency specializes in crafting gripping, imminently clickable emails that will lead potential customers from their inbox to your business. We have an established flow that puts your emails in front of readers with consistency and gets the results growing brands are looking for.

You can reap the results of email marketing without doing the heavy lifting. We’ll provide the content, all you have to do is say “hit send.”

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