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How Can Online Communities Help Your Brand?

How Can Online Communities Help Your Brand?

They say it takes a village to raise a baby, but what about a brand? After all, it takes a significant number of customers and a ton of marketing effort to make a brand successful. The good news is that there are plenty of online communities out there on a wide variety of platforms to help you spread the word about your amazing business. But how do you begin?If you aren’t very involved in the world of social media yet, you might be surprised that people develop brand new relationships with both people and brands every day. How is this possible? Well, if people can find their true love on the internet, you can certainly promote your brand online.

So, how do you spread the word in these virtual worlds? It all depends on which platform you are using. Whether you’re logged into Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, there are specific rules, tools, and features at your disposal. Of course, some platforms are better to build up a community than others, so let’s break down the best “community building” places on the web:

1. Linkedin – Of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn perhaps has the strongest sense of online community. LinkedIn Groups is an innovative way to connect with prospects, colleagues, and new avenues of growth. But marketers, beware! LinkedIn is NOT the place to post a ton of ads.

2. Facebook – There are millions of Facebook groups out there where people meet, converse, and learn about new products. But groups is just the beginning for the biggest social media platform on the world wide web.

Hashtags will help those who are interested in your service via specialized keywords. Facebook advertising proves its worth time and time again with its various forms of outreach. Finally, Facebook’s “checking in” feature is huge for local markets. When one of your customers check in, they’re letting everyone know that they stopped by and liked their experience enough to tell their friends about it. It seems like a marketer’s dream, doesn’t it?

3. Twitter and Instagram – While Twitter and Instagram are significantly different in purpose, features, and user tools, these two reach out to communities in similar ways. Hashtags are essential on both of these platforms, as they allow people to find exactly what they’re looking for.

While comment sections are used in all platforms, comments on Twitter and Instagram end up being big discussion boards where people can have whole conversation thanks to the tagging feature.

Finally, one thing that marketers need to notice about these two is that they offer, at least compared to Facebook standards, even playing fields. Yes, they both have algorithms that steer user’s feeds towards what they think they will enjoy, but your content has a good fighting chance of standing above the rest by using good old fashioned content creation.

Ready to meet your new fan base? Social media has the potential to connect you with untold masses. With millions of people logging in every day, you just need to put in the time, effort, and creativity to make your brand stand out!

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