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What Social Media Updates Do Your Customers Love?

What Social Media Updates Do Your Customers Love?

Does social media marketing have you stumped? You are not alone! Reaching out to your customers can be a challenge for many business owners and professionals. To be a social media success, it’s vital to study what content generates the most engagement. Your audience will gravitate towards certain content more than others. What types of posts should you send out?While each industry has special circumstances, we have seen the following types of posts do particularly well time and time again:

1. Educational – Sure, social media is a form of entertainment, but knowledge is power! People flock to videos, blogs, “did you know” tidbits, and similar content. Tips straight from the professional in social-media-sized bites produce great results.

2. Sales – As marketing professionals, we can appreciate the power of a sale. Social media has the ability to spread the word of your promotion no matter the size. Trying to push a BOGO? Maybe you have a big clearance blowout? By utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’re giving your sale a special advantage.

3. Fun – This is the part of social media where many marketers fail. Traditionally, marketing is all about getting sales, leads, and conversions. While all of this does apply to social media, there is much more to our work. We connect with customers in new and innovative ways with fun posts. Trivia contests, games, even giveaways are big parts of reaching out to customers in a fresh and engaging way.

Sure, social media marketing can be daunting. But there’s good news – you’re not alone! We have helped hundreds of businesses connect to an online customer base in new and innovative ways.

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