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What LinkedIn’s New Engagement Insights Means For Marketing

What LinkedIn’s New Engagement Insights Means For Marketing

LinkedIn, in partnership with DataSift, is leveraging user data to enhance marketer techniques for consumer engagement in a more personalized way.

PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights allows globally positioned marketers access to site user data to improve engagement and ROI on Linkedin.

LinkedIn wants marketers to have the ability to learn about potential prospects on the platform before beginning formal communications.

The platform is replete with members’ personal information from hobbies, career and educational goals to professional skills. Marketers can use these insights to innovate campaigns.

LinkedIn is aiming to take the guesswork out of ad optimization and media planning. With Engagement Insights, marketers are able to to take in-depth information and transform it into enhanced marketing campaigns and efficiently reach premium audiences through LinkedIn.

Engagement Insights help marketers map types of content and topics appealing most to certain audiences. This provides the “insights” that help marketers formulate a plan to enhance audience reach.

Marketers can then use the insights to further narrow down target audiences into niche groups and then engage the prospect in a 1 on 1 fashion. This will personalize the relationship between the marketer and the prospect.

With Engagement Insights, marketers can filter searches with specific topics like industry or job function. This allows the marketer to gauge how their brand compares against the competition.

By utilizing elements of data from a prospect profile, the marketer can help generate a conversation void of work topics. A little bit of small talk could go a very long way.

Successfully selling your service or product on LinkedIn can be accomplished by locating, engaging, and constructing a personalized 1 on 1 relationship with prospects. Personalization is key to finding success LinkedIn.

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