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7 Traits That Make Social Media Marketing Campaigns Memorable

7 Traits That Make Social Media Marketing Campaigns Memorable

Social media is fast-paced. That’s an absolute fact. Anyone who spent more than an hour away from Twitter and sees all the tweets they missed can attest to this. How can a marketer attempt to keep up?

Despite the plethora of content that’s being uploaded every single minute, you have the potential to hit it big and be memorable. That being said, you’re going to have to work for it. At The Go! Agency, we strive for the following traits in our content strategy so our clients can succeed and gain online visibility like never before.

1. Uniqueness. Even if you’re one out of two million retail shops online, you need to make sure there’s something special about your business and brand. Logos, tone, culture, and overall approach will make a world of difference.

2. Anticipation. Do you have big news to announce? Even if it’s just a big sale, build up some hype by explaining that there will be something worth noting coming soon. People will sign up for notifications on Twitter and Instagram and watch your Facebook timeline closely.

3. Quality. As a professional, you can appreciate quality work. True effort, strategizing, and a touch of talent will go a long way. Take your time and fine-tune your content. Remember, once it’s out on the internet, it’s out!

4. Personality. No one likes to follow a boring page on social media. Add some pizzazz to your content! Whether you add humor, seriousness, or witty comments, make sure your voice is consistent and complete.

5. Tool effectivity. Use what’s in your social media tool belt. Whether you’re taking advantage of the hashtag system, publishing tools, social media advertising, or third party apps, there are tons of tools available to you so you can gain an advantage!

6. Sales appeal. Going back to the building blocks of marketing, you should always ensure your efforts put your product or service in the best possible light. You can do this through copy, images, placement, and even a hefty deal they can’t walk away from.

7. Visual appeal. You should be striving for eye-catching material. Note that pictures, videos (both live and recorded), GIFs, and other forms of imagery are essential to success.

Don’t forget that social media is one of the fastest moving avenues to information and communication we’ve ever dealt with. We need to constantly be on our A-games so our clients can benefit from online marketing and thanks to the above seven traits, we do a pretty good job. Are you up for the challenge?

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