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What Snapchat’s Original Content Will Mean For Marketers

What Snapchat’s Original Content Will Mean For Marketers

First, it was Netflix. Then Amazon. Then YouTube. Now, Snapchat is creating original content that will be exclusively available on their platform. It’s an impressive jump from a social media networking app to a content host. But what can marketers take from this?

The way we see it, there are three revelations for marketers to learn from.

1. It’s time to invest into online marketing. Like, right now. As you can see, traditional media mediums like television and radio are in trouble. Netflix, YouTube, etc. are partial to blame, but their effectivity knows no bounds and Snap Inc., owner of Snapchat, is jumping on this bandwagon while they can. If you haven’t considered online marketing or social media marketing yet, it’s time to move.

2. Video is becoming standard and essential. Still pictures and text can grab someone’s attention only so much when compared to video. More and more platforms are allowing videos to become prominently placed and conveniently visible. Since people are going to be heading to Snapchat and other platforms for original content, make sure your own is ready to roll!

3. Snapchat is finally starting to have enough backing that it can produce its own content, which means it’s definitely a contender as a favorite platform. Mobile-exclusive content and platforms are on the rise in a big way.

As you can see, Snapchat’s plans for original content is a big deal for multiple reasons. It’s time to wake up, business owners! Your company needs to approach marketing in a new way!

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