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5 New Facebook Features You Need To Know

5 New Facebook Features You Need To Know

Sure, Facebook is just a website, but because it reflects its 2 billion users, it’s also a living, breathing organism that evolves over time. Because of this, those who run the platform continuously update both their desktop and mobile versions.

1. Facebook Discover – Once again, the king of social media takes notes from the new kid in town. They’ve created this new feature which allows users to see newsworthy stories, trends, and profiles just like Snapchat’s similarly-named section.

2. Facebook mobile’s new video section – The analysts were right. Many people predicted Facebook would have a new mobile section for video and it’s prominently placed right next to our traditional timelines. Take note marketers, your videos will get more attention now more than ever.

3. Facebook Workplace –
The social media giant is getting down to business. Workplace is an enterprise collaboration app that is magic for both social media marketers and professionals of any industry. To combat the hugely popular programs Basecamp, Slack, and HipChat, they’ve created this software in hopes their already huge brand will expand. Now any office can utilize Facebook when they’re working with their teammates.

4. Chatbots –
Chatbots are huge right now and are taking over Facebook Messenger. It’s a new way to communicate with a brand. While you won’t be talking to a human, you can purchase items, get caught up on news, ask support questions, and more. It’s definitely worth looking into for your own business.

5. Facebook Reactions – This new feature has been around for a little while, but some marketers don’t realize the new opportunities Reactions bring. This tool is especially useful for polls, contests, and other engagement-heavy content.  Send a “like” for option A, a “Haha” emoji for option B, and etc.

Like Google, Facebook is trying to branch out in just about everything. Social media is an important facet of our everyday lives both personally and professionally. As we can see, these updates are evolving our experiences and as such, so should our strategies.

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