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What Is LinkedIn SlideShare?

What Is LinkedIn SlideShare?

LinkedIn is all about marketing with your fellow professionals. It’s essentially the world’s biggest conference if you will. It’s one of the few social media platforms that didn’t branch out into areas that it was never intended for. LinkedIn is for serious networking, and that’s that. That being said, every now and again they come up with new and innovative ways to share your wealth of knowledge. That’s where SlideShare comes in.

SlideShare is a stand alone site, albeit one that works entirely through your LinkedIn profile. Here, users upload infographics, documents, and most importantly, slideshow presentations named slideshares with other professionals. There are tons of slideshares available for viewing on a multitude of subjects. Think of PowerPoint presentations on steroids. These are all shareable through LinkedIn. In fact, you’ve probably seen material from SlideShare if you’ve spent any time on the traditional LinkedIn site.

Similar to a blog’s purpose, a slideshare presentation allows businesses to express their thoughts and knowledge via original or shared content. After spending a few moments on SlideShare, you will realize that this new medium of information delivery has a lot of potential because it strikes a poignant balance between text and visuals. It’s also a tad bit more digestible than infographics, but those can also be acquired through this site.

Who says the days of the slideshow are behind us? It just needed a facelift, that’s all. LinkedIn was the platform for the job, as we’re able to now consume a dense amount of information in an innovate fashion. Marketers should consider SlideShare a great tool in their social media utility belt.

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