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Loyal Customers: Your Social Media Secret Weapon

Loyal Customers: Your Social Media Secret Weapon

Remember when the only marketing was word of mouth? Neither do we. But testimonials from those who utilize your products or services and trust your brand are one of the most powerful tools you can use. This is still true in the world of social media marketing!

People trust their peers more than they do a business’s promotion. After all, it’s a marketer’s job to put their brand in the best possible light. But people who actually use your company for years have huge credibility because they have nothing else to gain but to spread the truth about a great company.

One of the most powerful ways testimonials work in the cyber world is user-generated content. Whether it’s a review, a post about their experience, or even a simple “Like” on an update, it’s all real people talking about your brand. You can never have too much user-generated content with social media. It’s one of the primary goals!

As you begin your social media marketing, be sure to alert your “regulars” and even new customers about your page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms. Promote the cyber world in real life asking them to like your page, offer social media exclusive sales, contests, and more content. The people you already have solid relationships are your first fans on the internet and be sure to utilize their brand loyalty.

How do you use testimonials? Comment below!

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