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Yes, Even YOU Need Social Media Marketing

Yes, Even YOU Need Social Media Marketing

Have you ever said, “Yes, I know about social media, but it’s not really for my business.”? What about “We just don’t see the point in that stuff.”? We’ve heard it all before and guess what? Social media is for everyone.

Professionals from a wide variety of industries are benefiting from using social media marketing and online advertising. For example, this presidential election has used Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms much more than previous years. Almost every day, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump tweet something that ends up on the headlines. Social media has not only become synonymous with news, but with communication in general. That being said, some business owners still don’t think there’s a place for them on the internet. Here are some the top misconceptions about social media that are holding people back:


  • “I don’t have anything to post.” A supposed lack of content seems to be a reason why a lot of people do not want to sign up for social media. It’s a fair concern. After all, empty timelines and newsfeeds aren’t pretty. However, even those with a plethora of original content need to share interesting articles, quotes, pictures, videos, recipes, listings, and more. So can you! Even if you don’t have anything to say, you can find relevant content.
  • “My business is too old school.” While you may feel like your business is set in its ways or reflective of a bygone era, there’s a place for you on social media. (Even the Renaissance Faire has a Facebook page!) Companies that you would never expect to be online are thriving there. The reason for this? That’s where the customers are. Adapting to the market’s needs is critical to surviving the fickle market. Plumbers, Mom and Pop shops, dentists, all are on social media because they understand the general public is trying to connect with their trusted companies and locations.
  • “I have all the customers I want.” Yes, we have actually been told this one before. Sure, some businesses are at the maximum capacity that their staff and resources can handle. Luckily, social media goes beyond making a sale. It’s about connecting with your pre-existing customers and offering a convenient method of communication.
  • “I’m not tech-savvy.” Some people just don’t like technology. That’s totally fine for your personal life, but for your business to stay relevant, you will need to have a web presence. Of course, if you don’t understand technology at all, this may be easily said than done. Luckily, The Go! Agency can help your company establish itself online by administering the most modern and effective marketing techniques.


What other excuses do you have? When it comes down to it, the world is becoming more tech-based in every aspect. While it may be daunting, social media is an essential part of staying relevant and connecting to the world. Time to sign up!

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