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8 Benefits of Social Media for Senior Living Communities

8 Benefits of Social Media for Senior Living Communities

I recently spoke with Lana, the marketing director of a senior living community, about social media for their property. She was surprised that I brought up the concepts of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for her line of work.

“I don’t think our community seems to be right for social media. That’s for trendy, hip companies, right?” she said.

After hearing that statement, I immediately showed Lana our case studies, and she was shocked. I showed her that we worked with many senior living communities of all different sizes, care levels, and lifestyles. Most importantly, I showed her the results.

Social media marketing is great for any business. With over 2 billion people on Facebook alone, it’s safe to say your desired audience is online.

For senior living communities, I found these marketing tools extraordinarily effective due to the human touch social media requires.

We’ve had particular success while working with senior living communities on social media. Throughout our years of working with these clients, we have delivered the following benefits:

1. The loved ones of residents love seeing what they are up to! You can use social media to show pics, videos, and even live broadcast events and activities that the senior residents participate in. You can even wish your residents a happy birthday via social media!

2.  By sharing all the events and activities your community offers, you will also attract new residents. They will see all the fun the residents have, which will make it easier for them to visualize themselves living there.

3. Social media allows brands to build audiences and relationships with their followers. Thanks to the ability to interact with people online, you can study what content works and what doesn’t. For senior living communities, this is particularly helpful so they can share insightful information with those who are interested in becoming residents.

4. Social media increases brand awareness as well. Many of the billions of social media users are looking for companies that offer a very specific solution to a need. Senior living communities can reach out to their local area and target the exact demographic that would be searching for them.

5. The ability to advertise allows you to target those who are looking for memory care, assisted living, respite care, or even an independent living lifestyle. For assisted living, memory care, and respite care programs, we recommend targeting family caregivers and older adults who may be looking for a place for their aging loved one. For independent living communities, marketers can reach out to 60+ online users who are in the area.

6. A senior living community should exhibit a caring aspect to the brand. They can share relevant news articles, caregiver tips, holiday wishes, etc. We often refer to this as the human side of marketing. This also incorporated blogging and free resources such as eBooks, so caregivers and family members are informed about the world of senior living communities.

7. Social media can prove to be very helpful for lead generation. Offer free tours, brochures, newsletters, and other avenues that will lead to conversions. Senior living communities can share move in specials and new features that new residents would be interested in learning about.

8. Finally, since so many other communities are in social media, it will help your community look more legitimate, modernized, and involved.

Senior living communities can generate a large following online on multiple levels. The above are just a few of many ways new leads can find you online, and residents’ family member will enjoy your content.

Are you interested in social media marketing for your business? Contact us today! Our expertise will raise brand awareness and online visibility for your company.

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