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How Much Email Marketing Is Too Much?

How Much Email Marketing Is Too Much?

Finding the right balance for your email marketing can hard. If you send too many emails to people on your email list, you come across as spammy and unprofessional. But if you barely send any emails, you can easily get forgotten about or buried beneath all the other emails in the world.

So how many emails is just the right amount? As usual, it’s a simple question with a complicated answer.

Learn About Your Customers

Every business we take on as a client is unique, which means their customers are unique too. If every business has a unique customer base, it’s impossible to make a catch-all rule for email marketing frequency that works for every business.

Even though a business’s customers will be similar demographically, that doesn’t mean they’re not unique in their personalities too.

Think of this:

How do you interact with your emails? Do you browse the titles and only open certain ones? Are you meticulous in your email opening and open everything? Are you unafraid to unsubscribe from email lists if they don’t immediately interest you? Or do you continue to stay signed up for multiple newsletters despite n reading them?

The way everybody looks at their emails is different. So while your business may cater to cat-lovers and your subscribers will all love cats, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to build a strategy that works for all of them.

Your Email Marketing Can’t Please Everybody

Basically what I’m saying is, in this case, you can’t please everybody! Some subscribers would love to receive an email from you every single day. Others will go into a rage if you send more than one email a week.

So what are you going to do?

First, stop thinking about perfection. You know you can’t make everybody happy. So now you just have to focus on making most of your subscribers happy. But how can you figure out what makes them happy?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Why not just ask them? Create a survey to gauge how your customers feel about your email marketing. Ask them what they prefer. Ask enough customers these questions and you’ll be able to figure out how the majority feel.
  • Test. Split your email list into multiple lists. Called them Test A, Test B, Test C etc. Send one list an email every day, send another list an email every week. Compare the results of the two. Look at how many people opened the emails, how many clicked through, how many unsubscribed. The more you test, the more you’re able to find the correct middle ground.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your subscriber. How would you feel about getting emails every 2 hours about a business? Most likely annoyed. It doesn’t take a genius to work out they’d get annoyed too.

These ideas may give you a lot of good information and data on your subscribers.

But there’s one last thing you may want to consider:

How often you send your email marketing might not be the problem.

A Bigger Email Marketing Problem

I’m signed up to a bunch of mailing lists, some of which email me once or twice a day. I find that to be excessive, yet I still haven’t unsubscribed.


Because those mailing lists offer good value to me. They may overwhelm my inbox, but when I do I see a subject line that I like, and open their email, I know that the information within will be well written and thought out.

The discomfort of seeing my inbox filling up each day doesn’t overpower my loyalty to those quality email lists.

Nobody will hate you for sending them lots of emails with valuable, quality content.

Email marketing becomes spam when the email has no purpose behind it and isn’t useful at all to the subscriber.

Improving your emails and their content is just as important as finding out the frequency of your email marketing. If your subscribers love your emails, they will actually enjoy receiving more of them!

But, I know, all of this takes time. Testing, writing emails and figuring out your customer.

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