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The Robots are Coming to Social Media

The Robots are Coming to Social Media

On April 12th, Facebook announced the next step in Social Media. Their innovate Messenger software just became compatible with chatbots, which means that customers of companies can interact with AI programs to answer their questions or concerns. One part of the social side of social media has been taken away. Keep in mind, that this will not be a person, it will be a program talking to you in a simulated There’s lots of pros and cons to consider with this groundbreaking development.

For a company, this mans they can save money on cutting their tech support systems. Not so good for their employees, however. This will cut longterm expenses and their customers will, in theory, be able to have fast results. However, how accurate will the chatbots be? If they continuously falter, customers will become frustrated, not at the chat program, but at the company that put it into motion.

For a customer, this could mean one of two things. This could be an amazingly fast and gratifying experience if its done and implemented correctly. On the other end, as mentioned for the company’s side of things, this could turn into a real headache.

The chatbots will be customizable so a company can make it do a wide variety of different tasks and have a plethora of customizable changes. It will also have the ability to keep customer’s identity and other specifics due to their Facebook profile.

Overall, this can be an innovative and convenient solution, albeit a cold one without human interaction.

For the full details on Zuckerberg’s significant press release, click here: http://ow.ly/10ABiN

What are your thoughts on all this chatbot business? Do you think it’ll make the positive impact they’re all hoping for? Comment below!

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