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5 Tips To Boost Your Social Media Advertising

5 Tips To Boost Your Social Media Advertising
Executing the right social media marketing plan can be the acceleration your business needs. However, even though social media at its most basic and free level is effective, you can really reach untapped masses by investing in social media advertising.
When it comes to advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, it takes some expertise. It’s not as easy as writing a post and clicking “post.” Analytics, budgeting, demographics, and targeting are heavily involved. Check out these helpful tips as you begin your journey through social media advertising:

1. Utilize Reduced Advertising Costs in Q1
Using social media platforms to advertise in Q4 can be extremely costly. E-commerce stores and retail giants push hard to get the limited amount of inventory for holiday promotion.  Q1 is less competitive and easy on your budget.
2.  Update Your Copy and Visuals
Your social ads are begging for new copy, video, and images in 2017!  Ask yourself: What grabbed the most attention? What was click-worthy? Analyze the creative properties you used in 2016, take and iterate what worked best.
3. Test the Waters of a New Platform 
By discovering and trying a new platform, you are allowing yourself to engage new prospects and learning new ways to interact with older clients. There are endless means to reach your end of engagement. You can run mobile app install campaigns in Pinterest, which is a new and exciting feature. What about Snapchat? Did you know you can send users to your site or store? Don’t get left behind, I am sure you’re a smart person who likes to read. So start now! Research new social media platforms and venture into unknown territories. You may find your pot of gold at the end rainbow.
4. Keep Track of Targets 
Your campaign is useless without targeting the right consumer base. When you are prospecting, keep your customer exclusion lists up-to-date. In doing so, you are preventing yourself from wasting time by targeting current customers. Hopefully, your Q4 was a home run in terms if your business. If so, it is essential to retool your custom audiences for targeting methods.
5. Create Your 2017 Playbook
2017 can be your year to shine, but first, you must plan and do it well! Spend time putting into focus the tests you want to incorporate, the new and exciting platforms in which you will use and other social media marketing objectives, strategies and plans.

By using the tips of the trade above, you can efficiently launch or continue a successful social media campaign accompanied by a booming business.

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