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4 Ways You Can Show Your Customers Love on Social Media

4 Ways You Can Show Your Customers Love on Social Media

Every relationship needs a balance of give and take, right? The business – customer relationship is no different. Customers get excited when they see their favorite companies make special efforts. It comes as no surprise that social media marketing is a fantastic avenue to make your customers smile.

How can your marketing excite and engage your customers? You have to give the people what they want! Sure, it sounds easier said than done, but your content has the ability increase sales, conversions, and customer satisfaction.

This is what customers love on social media:

1. Giveaways / Contests –
Everyone likes a freebie. Host a simple contest on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and offer a free product or service. This will give your accounts a significant spike in engagement, make one lucky winner ecstatic, and the rest of your online followers will be eager for the next chance to win. We have seen these “micro-contests” do exceptionally well, so consider adding this to your strategy.2. Pro Tips – Many people go online to learn or gain insights about a particular subject. As social media experts, we have seen free advice from experts do exceptionally well and lead to new customers. This can be in the form of an article or a weekly update such as “FAQ Fridays.”3. Sales – A social media exclusive sale is a great “thank you” to your online customers. Offer a special deal only available on Facebook, Twitter, or your other platforms. Flash sales do particularly well and will keep your customers on their toes!

4. Customer Service – Okay, so customer service may not be as exciting as a flash sale, but when you have an issue that needs to be addressed, quick and friendly communication can be a breath of fresh air. During business hours, make sure any messages from customers are responded to in a prompt fashion. If a message is sent outside business hours, an automated response that ensures that someone is listening should be in place.

Do customers love your brand? Love them back by making their social media experience with your business fun and rewarding. Still unsure of how to handle social media marketing? Contact us today! Our team of experts can help any business reach new heights of online visibility and brand awareness.

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