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Is Your Business A Social Media Snob?

Is Your Business A Social Media Snob?

It’s no secret – social media marketing is about brand awareness and promotion. It is, after all, marketing. However, marketers may suffer from sticking to certain practices that cause their businesses to become overly promotional, sales-driven, and exclusive. There is such a thing as a social media snob, and it’s easy to spot these brands. Obviously, this is a derogatory title, but what are these huge red flags to look out for?

The following is the “social media snob checklist.”

– Do you only post promotions?

– Do you refuse to share or engage with other people or company’s content?

– Do you post content that can only be accessible through payment?

– Do you have an “exclusive” feel?”

– Do you have a poor customer response rate?

– Do you only post content about your brand?

– Do you refuse to acknowledge current events, holidays, or relevant news?

– Do you bash your competitors?

– Do you lack any personality or creativity?

– Do you stay away from fun content?

Social media is a different type of marketing. Coming off as elitist, a stick in the mud, or shut off from the rest of the internet world will come back to bite you. Make sure your company has an approachable vibe and perhaps most importantly, add a variety of content into your schedule that includes a bit of fun!

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